Hi Everyone
As we make our final preparations before heading to site here is some additional information and clarity from us about your arrival on site.
As stated in our previous Facebook post we will require proof of two vaccinations or a negative lateral flow/PCR test which has been taken within 48 hours of arriving on site from everyone aged 10 or above.
Taken from the BBC website below is information on “How to get your Covid pass” ready for presenting to the staff at the gate.
You can get the NHS Covid Pass either:
  • two weeks after your second vaccine dose
  • if you’ve had a negative PCR or lateral flow test result in the past 48 hours – and have reported it on the NHS website (this pass lasts for 48 hours after the result)
  •  if you have had a positive PCR test result within the past six months, and have finished self-isolating (this pass lasts for 180 days after the result)
People in England can request one via the NHS website or, if you are registered with a GP, the NHS app. (not the NHS Covid-19 app, which is used for contact tracing). (Wales, Scotland or NI please see your relevant covid website)
Once logged in, you can request the NHS Covid Pass. The system generates a QR code, which lasts for 28 days.
Make sure you apply via the official website or app. Do not click on unsolicited emails or texts.
People who’ve had both jabs can also request an NHS Covid Pass letter by calling 119. This only shows vaccination status and has no expiry date.
For our events we will accept your NHS covid pass either printed or in digital format and we will also accept the small card that you were given when you had your first vaccine.
Anyone arriving without proof of their covid status will be asked to step to one side and take a lateral flow test (limited supplies will available), anyone refusing to provide proof or take a test will be asked to leave site immediately and will not receive credit/refund.
Anyone arriving with large caravans, motorhomes or trailers needing to use the main entrance must park up as normal and go immediately to the Gate to have their covid status checked and to get a wristband. Be aware that the gates have now been fixed and there is a width restriction of under 3 meters.
Anyone testing positive or in isolation and unable to attend the events must inform us before the start of the event and a credit will be given, if you do not notify us before the event starts you will lose your booking.
Anyone testing positive or being pinged to isolate whilst on site must immediately separate themselves from others whilst getting someone to inform LT security and they must start making arrangements to leave site as soon as possible.
All customers are reminded that they have a duty of care to themselves and their fellow larpers and must follow government guidelines. If unsure, please go to the government website or call the covid helpline on 119 for advice.