Version 4.05 of the Handbook, Loresheets and Gaming Sheets as well as a slightly tweaked Crafting List have been uploaded to the Publications section of the Lorien Trust Website. These are the “Lock” versions of the Handbook and rules that we will be using for the next two events*. If you have not already and are attending the events it is now the time to read and learn the new exciting things that have happened in Rules V4 for your new adventures in Erdreja.
In addition with the Loresheets being updated it is time to print out and pack the sheets that you (personally) will need for your character. A list below will give you the basics of what you will need. Please feel free to print out an extra copy for any group members or friends that may forget or just to have a spare if you lose yours whilst at an event.
Caster (any Kind)
1x Spell Power Tracker per event (has spaces for 4 day events on it) PLUS 1x Sigil Tracker (has enough on a sheet for 2 events). One A4 sheet has 2x Sigi Tracker sheets on it.
1x Sigil Tracker (has enough on a sheet for 2 events). Please do not rely on others to supply you a sheet (including casters themselves). If you do not have a Tracker Sheet, you can not receive a Sigil of any kind.
Herb Lore/Herb Lore Advanced
1x Herb Sheet per event. This sheet has everything (including how you can combine herbs together) on one simple sheet – an absolute essential.
Essence Creature, Awakened, Race and Pattern Sheets
These give you all of the special rules that apply to your creature/pattern to remind you of the unique abilities you have. Don’t forget those immunities!
Other Helpful Printable options
As well as the above – if you want your tent to be an in-character area used for roleplay during time-in you can download and print a lammie for it. In addition those with Trap Lore can print their own lammie for their skill. Also on this sheet are in-character document labels for your in-character documents to make sure that your writings, notes and information can be used by your character.
And Lastly – Don’t Forget …

Bring a Pen or two as well – many of the sheets (Power/Sigil Trackers) need to be marked during the events, and often a pen is needed for other tasks in the game.


* will still be collecting information that you send in – and updates will happen after the Gathering, however unless we determine that your submission (or situations occur at the first event) is highly critical for the game we will be keeping it safe until after that date.