Our game world is called ‘Erdreja’. It tends to be described as a ‘world’, rather than a ‘planet’, but either term is equally apt, being an egg-shaped world floating within the cosmic void. It has oceans and continents, rivers and mountains. Our game generally takes place within a continent known as ‘The Heartlands’, a bit reminiscent of a medieval Europe, but with added magic and mystery.
Within The Heartlands, the land is divided into nations, just like a continent is in the real world. These nations, both the land and the people, are governed by ‘factions’. Some factions control a single nation, such as the Bears that rule Caledonia, while some factions control multiple nations, such as the Dragons who rule Erin and Cymrja. A faction will have a leader, typically a King/Queen or a Lord/Lady General, and then a range of people who head-up various functions, e.g. Foreign Minister or High Mage. The faction leader and a couple of his/her key lieutenants will be appointed by the Lorien Trust – they in turn will then make other appointments.
Factions also perform key out-of-character logistical functions for the Lorien Trust. At our main events, the camping areas for players are provided on a factional basis – it is normally expected for players to camp within their faction’s camp. Every player’s character is a member of a faction. The faction leader and command team will co-ordiante the layout of the camping area, and will organise communal facilities such as a command tent and a camp fire, as well as organising services such as camp security and first aiders. They will also convene a plot team, which will write and run plot directed primarily at the members of that faction. Outside of our main events, faction command teams often choose to organise ‘sanctioned events’, smaller events set within our game world, with plot that bridges the long gap between one year’s main events and the next.

The Bears Faction

The Bears are comprised of the Peoples of Caledonia, and south-western Orkneyjar, an island which they share with the Wolves. They are made up of diverse groups and clans, which fit into three main broader categories; Celts (including Highlanders, Islanders and Lowlanders), Picts and Sassenachs (being non-Caledonian-born Bears), though the latter term is generally considered an insult. Predominantly but by no means exclusively human, Bears are traditionally clad in tartan, generally in the form of kilts, worn with little or no armour.

The Bears have a reputation for being people of celebration, enjoyment and honour. They love drink, songs and games and enjoy hospitality. However, do not let their fun loving nature deceive you, for the Bears are also strong and fierce warriors and will fight to the death to defend their friends, their honour and their Queens. In modern times the Bears have faced adversity as they find their place in a changed Erdreja and the nation is now led by Lairds, who are charged with the day to day running of the faction. The three Queens now look after the faction’s more spiritual needs, though they remain key members of the Privy Council and there is still no law in Caledonia other than the ‘Will of the Queens’. With more formal structure than in the chaotic old days, the faction is gaining strength, though it is still one of honour, fun and of course the Bears are always ready for a good fight!

The Dragons Faction

The people of the Dragons live lives of passion, ferocity and fierce loyalty to The Land. For the Dragons, the Land and the People are one. If the people suffer, so does the land and vice versa. For Dragons the Ancestors, the people, and the land are upheld beyond everything else.

The faction is famed for producing legendary warriors, leaders, bards and druids who understand the importance of protecting the natural cycle of life through the harshest of challenges.

The people of the Dragon are spirited and fearless, throwing themselves wholeheartedly into their lives’ path regardless of the perils they face. Never accepting defeat or humiliation, a Dragon would rather die a hero then live in shame. The greatest honour for a Dragon would be to serve the land and the people to the death and beyond, and for the bards to tell stories and sing songs of their glory long into the future.

The Dragons are drawn from three nations: war scarred Erin, known for breeding tenacious and bold warriors, the mysterious and sacred Isle of Caer Danon, the sanctuary of the Dragon people and a place of great magic, and Cymrija, a place of soaring mountain ranges and sprawling wild forest, though in this harsh land civilisation blooms so Cymrijan society can range from tribal groups to civilised townsfolk.

All three nations are lead by the strength and wisdom of their Ri Draig/Rioghan Draig, chosen to by the people and Ancestors.

The Gryphon Faction

The faction is honourable and unified and generally lawful as they strive to do ‘the right thing’. The faction has a strong stance on the unliving who are outlawed throughout Gryphon lands.

The people of the Gryphons vary greatly and among them you will find Elves, Dwarves, Men and Beastkin, merchants, craftsmen, soldiers and priests; all united under one banner.

The Gryphon Nation is comprised of the kingdoms of Lyonesse and Estragales, and their associated archipelagos.

Additionally, four of the provinces of of Tebron; Padova, Cenza, New Tebron and Malkarn are governed by Gryphons.

The Lord/Lady Gryphon is the ruler of the Gryphon nation. They are appointed by the monarchs of Estragales and Lyonesse to rule and govern on their behalf.

The Harts Faction

Albion – the green and pleasant land – the sceptred isle – the jewel in the crown of Britannia!

This just and lawful land was founded by the great High King Arthur Pendragon, who taught the people that strength comes from unity, and that a united Albion shall always prevail. Albion anticipates that everyone will do their duty – the people of the realm of Albion are loyal and hard-working.  King Arthur established the rule of the Pendragon Throne, and gave civilisation and the rule of law to his people. This precious stone set in the silver sea, every inch of which was built by its own child. In Albion, rank and honour come from ability, and worth is determined by deed, though much stock is placed in family name and lineage.

Whether you hail from York’s heather’d moors, from ‘neath the eaves of Gloucester’s great Greenwood, the majestic sprawling meadows of Winchester, the sheer cliffs of Cornwall, or the snow-crowned fells of Keswick, Albion is your home. Albion is a land of all races, and welcomes all pattern types, except for unliving abominations, who enjoy no rights under the laws of the Pendragon Throne.

The Jackal Faction

This newly reformed Empire of the Southlands encourages diverse cultures and peoples to work as one towards the greatness of the Southlands, the Jackals their champions, the greatest warriors, mages and thinkers of the Empire.

The Emperor or Empress leads via a council of advisers, generals, and viziers. The Padisha Fideles oversees relations with other countries, races, and factions, aided by the Vizier of the Tigris and the High Diplomat, in charge of the diplomatic cadre but also oversees issues in Arabia and Persia, leading with the chosen leaders of those countries. The Emir oversees Military operations aided by the Vizier of the Euphrates. They liaise with the Warleader and his appointed military generals, the Guardian of the Desert and various other positions of military importance such as the High Scout and High Incantor to ensure the military strength of the Jackals and the wider Southlands is utilised effectively in times of war.  As well as this, the Emir holds council with the leaders of Greacia and Maurabia to address local problems in those countries.

All these report up to the Emperor or Empress themself, who oversees the internal day-to-day affairs of the Jackals and thus, by extension, the Southlands. The High Vizier of the Nile, who is also the voice of the Emperor in his absence, oversees the internal strand of the Jackals, attending to matters and issues arising within the Jackals themselves, aided by the various High representatives of each other strand in the faction. The Emperor also directly liaises with both the leader of the oldest nation in the Southlands empire, Aegyptus, and it’s newest Clan Firetail’s Underground territory.

The Lion Faction

A little over twenty years ago, the Lions faction left their ancestral home of Albion as a result of the Lions/Harts civil war and migrated to the mystical plane of Avalon.

After spending five years in Avalon a Nosta Kar invasion forced an evacuation to Lantia, a circle of islands between Lyonesse and Aegyptus. The last major change was triggered by the Cataclysm of Fire when the mirror realm of Orst was merged with the islands, adding much uncharted landmass to the land.

Although the Lions are in the majority human and fey, most races have some representation – one of the most famous Kings was a dwarf. There are diverse cultures, from former Albione knights to secretive Orstian Fey, as the various migrant groups have interspersed and spread. One unifying concept is that having lost two homelands already, the Lions are determined not to lose Lantia.

Lantia is ruled by a non-hereditary King or Queen selected based on merit. Although the Lions’ have codified laws, the spirit is more important than the letter. Corruption and Necromancy are unwelcome in Lions lands and Lions found using these powers face capital punishment, and those with unliving patterns have no rights under Lions law.

The Tarantula Faction

Welcome to the Underdark stranger, Heed my warnings well for it is the only time they will be given freely!

The Tarantulan Nation spans the length and breadth of the Heartlands in the subterranean caverns and tunnel systems that are collectively referred to as ‘The Underdark’. The faction is mostly comprised of Drow, Norns and Dark Elves although other races are well represented.

The nation as a whole is a matriarchal society where the current Valsharess and her advisors lead the people of the Underdark in matters of state, war and most importantly, faith. Religion plays an important part in the day to day lives of the denizens of the under empire and although open worship of many ancestors is tolerated, it is often frowned upon by the more pious Dark Elves.

In more recent times, the faction finds itself in a time of uneasy peace; it is a time to re-build, re-arm and ready the people for whatever threat chooses to throw itself next against the swords and shields of the Tarantulan Nation.

The Unicorns Faction

Mauritania, a grouping of islands

“The Mauritania beneath my feet is a living, breathing land. She is the air that I breathe and the water that I sail upon. Every path trod is a small act of worship and every island, whilst different, is part of the larger whole. Anyone who doesn’t work to harm Mauritania is welcomed here; we have taken in refugees from all over the Egg and beyond.

There is no normal here; day to day you will brush shoulders with Olog traders, Elven story weavers, Demons summoned from far off planes and Servants of the Ancestors. I have met with Unliving Librarians, Cathayan Monks and people I couldn’t even put a name to.”


“Lord/Lady Unicorn – Elected by the people of Mauritania this position is unlike many of the other rulers of Heartland and Southland nations.

Consuls – Consuls are chosen by the Lord/Lady Unicorn to assist them in the running of the lands; recently Mauritania herself declared that she would decide one of these positions to speak for her in the matters of the faction. Responsibility for leading the faction falls to these people should the elected leader not be available.

The Viper Faction

The Vipers live in the Heartland nation of Teutonia. It is a huge country that stretches from the icy Grey Sea to the north all the way to the South Sea. It borders the Bretton sea to the west with the vast expanse of the Great Forest of Teutonia to the east acting as a natural barrier to the lands of Cathay in
the far east. It has a natural border to the south west with the Gryphon land of Estragales.

The land has a varied geography with numerous mountain ranges, rivers, lakes and forests. There are many places of interest including the Blood Marshes with its horde of unliving, the Elementally charged Reis Astrobleim,
the Daemonic Portal of Treiste, the canyon at Dreisagan Pass and the magnificent World Wonder of the carved burial tombs of the ancient kings at Crotalus Nex.

The Vipers are mainly descended from the Teutonic tribes that lived on the fringe of the Old Empire. They have a very diverse culture from the Gothic Knightly orders in the North of Germania to the richly creative decadence of the Italian peninsula.

Teutonia is one of the most ethnically diverse nations on Erdreja. While predominantly human, it is not unusual to see people of any race or pattern type. Viper society is liberal, and the people enjoy a large degree of personal freedom to live how they wish and pursue their own goals. However, there are four laws that all Vipers must abide by and those that break the laws are
usually harshly dealt with.

Teutonia is a monarchy, and the Vipers are ruled over by King Wilhelm I who
holds court in the capitol city of New Wilhelmsburg. He is rarely seen away from court and in his stead he appoints a Lord Protector to govern the Viper Nation, who in turn is supported by a Lord Commander to govern the military and a Lord Chancellor to govern the civilian people.

The Wolves Faction

“We’re a hardy people from a cold land. Doesn’t make us cold ourselves, quite the opposite; in a harsh climate it pays to be generous to one’s neighbours, as you may one day rely on them, and when the wind blows chill, passion and high spirits may warm the heart.

We venerate our Ancestors and honour our traditions, but we are not inflexible, the head of our pantheon himself is known to shift into the shape the hour requires, and ever sought knowledge of the future as diligently as knowledge of the present.

We are a people of warriors, fearless in battle. Some call us single minded, but mistake fearlessness for foolishness at your peril; our minds are as sharp as our axes and our magic is as mighty. Ask Thrudgelmir, if you can find him.”