LT Adult 2024 Single Event Tickets

The Gathering

Dragon Image - Ticket Link for The Gathering of Nations Tickets for Adults

New Customer information:

Welcome to the Lorien Trust, further information for you as a new customer can be found by clicking the button to the right. 

Once you have registered an account please email us at and we will apply your discount for you.

A new adult Customer (Over 16), prebooking their first event will receive up to 50% discount to the price of that first event.

A Winter booking single ticket would normally be £70 this is discounted to £35 for you, a Spring booking single ticket would normally be £75 now discounted to 40. If you wish to book all 4 event it will be discounted to £230 in the Winter period and £265 during the Spring (see above for booking periods).

As a new customer you will receive 50 starting OSPs on top of the OSPs gained for your booking (10 OSPs per single event booked therefore giving you 50 + 10 to spend during your booking or 50+ 60 OSPs if you book all 4 events to spend or bank for later use.

New adult customer
up to 50% off your first event prebooked