Hi Everyone

Following our recent post with regards to our August events we are now able to share more details with you the safety measures we are introducing for the Summer Moot, these will then be reviewed prior to the Gathering; with some being kept on a long-term basis if we feel they will improve your experience and hopefully allow more game time.

Stage 4 on the roadmap is needed as the key to unlock our ability to legally run a large outdoor event and is not permission for us to run an event with no safety precautions.

If Stage 4 does not happen, we will automatically credit forward any customers with an All 4 booking and any OSP skills or points gained during Covid will remain locked to your account.  Should any customer request a refund that is fine but any OSP skills or points gained from booking will be removed as you will no longer have a prebook.  Similarly, any bookings for the individual August events will be automatically credited forward unless a refund is requested. The deadline for requesting a refund has been set to 25th July, all requests must be emailed into enquiries@lorientrust.com.

Stage 4 unlock and running Summer Moot and Gathering

To create a more natural – and Covid safer – environment for the Summer Moot all customers, volunteers, staff, caterers, and traders must either be able to prove that they have had two doses of the covid vaccine or taken a Lateral Flow test that has a negative result within the last 48 hours before arriving on site. If a customer does test positive, they must not attend and notify us of the positive test and we will provide a credit/refund. This means you’ll be able to enjoy combat, your guild/faction interaction, monstering, and role playing. Further details are on the attached Q & A. It is the customer’s responsibility to provide this proof on arrival at the gate, customers who fail to provide proof will be refused entry to the event.

With regards to hygiene/safety, there will be additional wash stations for hand washing and hand sanitizing around the site (these are not to be used for drinking water) and all toilet facilities will have hand sanitizer available.  All volunteers and staff will have access to the appropriate PPE (masks, visors, gloves etc.) and cleaning products for use in their department.  Choosing to wear a mask will not be frowned upon if you wish to do so.  Where possible some marques will have walls removed to increase air flow, restricted numbers may apply in some areas, this will be clearly sign posted.

Upon arrival once you have parked the gate staff will firstly check your Covid vaccine status/negative test result and record this either on a gate list or on your gate booking form.  A tray system across a double wide table will be used to collect your ticket stub/money and/or gate form and return to you your wristband and if paying on the gate your ticket.  The gate form and a character creation form will be made available online before the events for Customers to complete and print off which will reduce the amount of time spent at the Gate and reduce queues, the gate and character forms will be picked up on a regular basis from the gate and taken to Game Control for actioning and character cards printed ready for you to collect from Game Control a minimum of 2 hours later giving you time to setup camp.  Paper forms will still be available if required.  Obviously, there may be a slight delay at the gate and we would ask customers to be patient.

Weapons check will have a system whereby the customer will step up, place their weapon(s) on a table and step back at which point the weapon checker will check the item(s) ready for the customer to collect to pick up.

In addition to the New Character creation form being available on line before you attend and collected at the gate, we are looking at other ways to minimise the need to visit Game Control in person.  An email system and a “drop box” will be put in place to request minor character card changes or OSP spends alongside a new app for use on android devices (apologies Apple users) to access your latest character card, of course, if necessary, you can still visit Game Control in person, where you will find a one-way system and staff wearing appropriate PPE.

The Guilds will be encouraged to do more outdoor activities and walls removed from the marque to increase airflow etc. and if it becomes necessary a restriction in the number of attendees in the guilds area.

Casino will have a restriction on the number of people in the marque at any time controlled by their door staff.

A further post at the weekend will cover in-game information such as faction hosts, game location, monstering, rituals, theme area, combat and out of date or changed in-game cards.

On the Thursday night of the Summer Moot we are planning a performance area in front of the bar to encourage less congestion in the bar for customers entertainment (if you are a performer and would like to perform please email enquiries@lorientrust.com).  We will also be providing extra table and chairs outside the bar in a beer garden setting.  Reminder from Bar Sam, only drinks purchased from the bar may be consumed in the bar/beer garden area and if you could have some 50p’s and £1 coins that will help the change situation.

We are all feeling a little anxious and may have some reservations of getting back out to some normality and we completely understand if you feel you cannot attend at this time even with our Covid plan in place and that is fine, see above for credit/refund, we look forward to seeing you in 2022.
Can we all please remember that as part of the Larp community we all have individual responsibility to respect others this includes bringing personal hand sanitizer and mask and please regularly use the hand sanitizers on site.

Must sign off now as we need to unbox some of our LT staff that have been in storage at Locko Park for some time.

Lorien Trust