Covid measures
After finalising advice and getting sign off from Derbyshire County Council, Emergency planning and Public Health England we can now publish relevant covid measures.
Apologies in advance as some of the covid measures below may slightly affect your game this season, but we have taken a safety-first approach.
To reduce the number of visitors to Game Control you may have seen that we launched a new App yesterday which gives you access to your current character card along with other publications from the website, we will also have an email system in operation at the Summer Moot to request character changes along with a post box for posting handwritten change requests. Of course, if you want to visit in person, you can do this too but hopefully with reduced queues allowing more game time. The sides on the marquee will also be more open to improve air flow. We will be posting again in the next day or two with regards to special item/creature cards etc.
Guilds with be encouraged to do more activities outside, and we will also have the sides of tent open to again increase airflow. With the removal of spell cards this should reduce the need to visit the guilds and likewise there will be the introduction of a post box for any form of crafting etc. Masks will be encouraged and of course if busy it may be better to come back later.
The Casino will have a restriction on the number of people so tables can be spread out more to allow an element of social distancing. Again, masks will be encouraged.
The Monstering area is being increased to allow more separation of groups and more activities will take place outside and a one-way system will be in operation.
The theme area will be more open plan, with a reduction in audience/visitors and possibilities of reduction in numbers participating in rituals.
The Bar will have the introduction of a beer garden with table and chairs and as always will be cash only so if you could have the correct money this will reduce the amount of cash handling (50p’s / £1 coins). We would encourage one person from a table/group to go to the bar for drinks to reduce congestion. We politely ask that only drinks purchased at the Bar are consumed with the beer garden and bar areas.
When it comes to combat it will be encouraged for single line to line, not shouting in close proximity to others. Final discussions are taking place around claws and short weapon use as a temporary measure (if there any restrictions these will be notified on site).
All departments will have the relevant PPE needed specific to their staffs needs including face masks/shields, gloves, aprons etc. They will also have the relevant cleaning products for the new cleaning routines that will be place.
When visiting the Traders and Caterers please remember to respect others and comply with the rules and regs each trader or catered has in place
Here is the list of Traders attending either the summer moot (SM), Gathering (G).
  • Colin Rose (SM/G)
  • Das Shoppe (SM/G)
  • Mcskelly leathers (SM/G)
  • Larp Inn (SM/G)
  • Chow’s Emporium (SM/G)
  • Darkblade (SM/G)
  • Irregular Props (SM/G)
  • Velvet Glove (SM/G)
  • Gem’s trading (SM)
  • Having a Larp (SM/G)
  • Needles and Chisels (SM/G)
  • Mal Dawson (G)
  • Fun hair stuff (G)
  • Tanner in the works (G)
  • Crafty Desert traders (G)
  • Medlock (G)
List of caterers for both august events:
  • Martins Burger
  • Paul’s Pizza
  • Sweet Tooth catering (New for 2021)
  • Tasters Catering
  • Bluebell’s (To be confirmed).
It is time for us all to take personal responsibility and let’s enjoy being back in the field again.
Lorien Trust.