Q & A

Q. How will you ensure your events are COVID safe?
A. We will be asking all customers and staff (aged 10 or above) attending the Summer Moot to
provide proof of having both vaccine doses (your Covid status) or by providing proof of a negative
covid test taken within 48 hours of arriving at the event. Children from the age of two can safely
have a test, but it is left to parent or guardian’s discretion whether children in their care under ten
years old are tested.

Q. How do I prove my vaccine status?
A. Before attending an event download the NHS App from your app store by searching for NHS App,
once the app is installed you need to enter your details (name, DOB, NHS number if known). When
installed you should be able to view to “Check your COVID-19 vaccine record”.

Q. How do I prove a negative test?
A. The result from your Lateral Flow Test should be reported to the Government using link
https://www.gov.uk/report-covid19-result or by following the instructions in your test kit to report
by telephone. Once your result is registered you will receive an email/text message confirming your
result which you will need to show at the gate when entering the event.

Q. Where can I obtain lateral flow test kits?
A. These test kits can be obtained free from pharmacies even those in supermarkets, by calling 119
or via the government website posted out free of charge using the following link:

Q. What if I arrive on site without proof of having both doses of the vaccine or a negative lateral
flow test?
A. If you have had your vaccines but not got the proof you will be expected to move away from the
gate to download the app or alternatively take a test and get the results. There will be limited
lateral flow test kits at the gate and you will be asked to return to your car to take the test. If you
are not willing to take the test you will be refused entry to the event and asked to leave site
immediately. If kits are not available at the gate you will be expected to leave site to obtain one.

Q. Will we need to Social Distance when on site?
A. In theory Stage 4 of the roadmap should remove the need to social distance but as a precaution
we will be restricting the number of people in some areas such as monster room, guilds, casino and
an example of one tented area we will be reducing the amount of set build in the main theme tent
to give additional floor space to allow an element of social distancing, we will also be potentially
reducing the number of people in a ritual and reducing the audience. But overall, please respect

Q. I am still undecided about attending the event(s), how long do I have to request a
A. The deadline is 25th July 2021 for you to request a credit/refund, for this email in to
enquiries@lorientrust.com and we will process it. Should any customer request a refund that is fine
but any OSP skills or points gained from booking will be removed as you will no longer have a

Q. Can I still book for the August events?
A. Yes bookings are open until 10 pm Sunday 4th July for the Summer Moot / Gathering

Q. I have an All 4 event ticket which I have credited forward to 2022 events but I feel safe and
want to attend the Summer Moot or Gathering this year, can I pay on the gate for the individual
event saving my All 4 credit for next year?
A. Yes you can pay on the gate or book on the website.

Q. Will there be 1-way systems in marques?
A. Key areas with high levels of foot traffic such as Game Control will have a 1-way system. Once we
are on site with marques erected, we will do a walk around evaluation and we will be reviewing
during the event.

Q. What PPE will be available for staff & volunteers?
A. We purchased a lot of PPE when the virus first hit our shores, we have lots of hand sanitizer which
will be placed around the site for staff and customers including in marques. We also have additional
wash stations that will be positioned in key areas which will also include hand gel. Every toilet will
have a soap and/or hand sanitizer. We have PPE kit boxes that will be issued to all departments
which will contain the appropriate PPE for their area which could include face masks, visors, gloves
and the appropriate antibac and cleaning products etc. Customers and Staff are also reminded to
bring some hand gel and masks for their personal use.

Q. Will there be curfews for socialising?
A. We will not be introducing any curfews.

Q. What if Wales, Scotland or Northern or Southern Ireland have different restrictions to England?
A. Firstly customers will have to follow the rules for their country for travelling, if this dictates that
customers cannot attend the events then we will provide a credit/refund. Once at the event it will
be the rules in place for England that will be followed but all 4 nations seem to be coming together
on timings and removal of restrictions.

Q. What learnings have you taken from the Government Event Research Programme?
A. We have followed these events very closely and find the findings very encouraging, there was one
report (The Daily Telegraph) that stated that out of 58,000 attendees over multiple events only 15
people tested positive, some of which were prior to the event and not allowed attend and none of
the remaining positive tests came from an outdoor event. It is the research into these events that
has been the driver for us to insist customers and staff have either had their two doses of vaccine or
a negative lateral flow test within 48 hours prior to attending our event to allow for the removal of
masks and some social distancing which is above and beyond the current stage 4 requirements i.e.
all restrictions removed. The initial reports following last weekend’s Download festival quoted 100%
success of running an event with no masks and no social distancing due to having the vaccines or
negative test. We will wait further publication of this programme to consider its findings.

Q. Can we hug at the events?
A. We have all missed each other but there is a good amount of adjustment to get back to things like
hugging to greet each other. We would suggest that you “ask before advancing” when offering a
hug, not everyone will be comfortable hugging and this will give them a chance for a polite (and
understandable) refusal if someone is still getting used to groups or even people in general, but
clearly attacking each other with swords is how Larpers greet each other.