For the 2024 season all customers during prebook can purchase OSP skills up to unrestricted tier 4 skills (No restricted skills or tier 5’s). Customers who book single events will receive 10 osps per event purchased, Customer who book all 4 event will receive a bonus 20 OSP Points ( 40 + 20 bonus) if you purchase the All 4 event multi deal and spend all 4 OSPs slots will be allowed to advance one of these OSP skills by an extra tier, all 4 purchased OSP skills and the extra tier must all be paid for with OSP points, the higher tier will show on your character card/linked character alongside your other purchased skills.

For example, “Steve” has 150 OSPs banked from previous years and is booking the GEF and Gathering he will receive 20 OSPs giving him a total of 170 OSPs he can spend during his prebooking, if Steve were to purchase the all-4 Winter deal he will gain 60 prebook OSPs (4 x events = 40 OSPs + 20 OSPs Winter bonus = 60 OSPs) giving Steve a total amount of 210 available OSPs to spend during this Winter deal booking which he can spend on the above 4 OSP slots and extra tier OSP skill during his booking. To get this extra tier bonus he MUST spend all 4 OSP slots for when prebooking.

An example of this All 4 deal OSP spend would be to choose:
Immune to befriend and confusion (30osps)
Herb Lore (10osps)
Revive (10osps)
Immune to repel (10osps)
That would trigger your option to take:
Revive up to Advanced Healing (another 20 osps) or
Immune to repel to immune to repel and strikedown (another 30 osps)

You may purchase OSP skills from your lore sheets alongside the standard OSP list, you cannot use the All 4 OSP deal to tier skills above you Characters tier level.

For the 2024 season we will continue using Rules 4.06, there will be no rules update for this season.