With only a couple of weeks to go before the Summer Moot – here is a snippet of information for visitors to Albion and the Harts Faction. “The Harts Faction welcome you to Albion. The newly built city of Caer Avalon sits within the Vale of Avalon, surrounded by mists. The Vale of Avalon is the ancient and mysterious place of the original Camelot and the historical backdrop of much of Albions history. This city plays host to the Summer Moot and all of Albion welcomes the Factions, Guilds and visitors to celebrate the official opening of the city and newly constructed castle. Caer Avalon sits within the mists of Avalon, a dangerous and mysterious magical phenomenon. Those who venture into the mists will almost certainly not return, the few that do are … different … It is not advised to take this risk. Come one, come all – to Caer Avalon!”