Greetings We are in the final stages of preparation before heading off to Locko at the weekend to begin setup. To clarify the situation with regards to Covid procedures for the Spring Moot; following the successful August events last year and the positive feedback we received, we will be following very similar guidelines i.e. checking the Covid Passport status upon arrival or asking for proof of a negative lateral flow test, one way systems in key departments, additional hand wash and sanitising stations etc. We will be reviewing these procedures on an event-by-event basis. We hope that you will support us in this decision We have been living with the virus for long enough now that we know what is expected of us but for further clarity below are some Q & A’s. We are looking forward to seeing you all in the field once more and having a full year of events to enjoy the hobby that we all love. Lorien Trust. Q & A: Q. How do I prove my vaccine status? A. Before attending the event download the NHS App from your app store by searching for NHS App, once the app is installed you need to enter your details (name, DOB, NHS number if known). When installed you should be able to view to “Check your COVID-19 vaccine record”. Q. If I have a letter from the doctor can I use this to prove my vaccine status. A. Yes you can Q. How do I prove a negative test? A. The result from your Lateral Flow Test should be reported to the Government using link or by following the instructions in your test kit to report by telephone. Once your result is registered you will receive an email/text message confirming your result which you will need to show at the gate when entering the event. Q. Will there be lateral flow test kits available at the event? A. Yes, we will have a supply available at the gate Q. What if I arrive on site without proof of having both doses of the vaccine or a negative lateral flow test? A. If you have had your vaccines but not got the proof you will be expected to move away from the gate to download the app or alternatively take a test and get the results. Q. Are children expected to prove their Covid Status? A. We will be asking all customers and staff (aged 10 or above) attending the Spring Moot to provide proof of having at least two vaccine doses (your Covid status) or by providing proof of a negative covid test taken within 48 hours of arriving at the event. Children from the age of two can safely have a test, but it is left to parent or guardian’s discretion whether children in their care under ten years old are tested. Q. How will I show my vaccination status once the Government changes the NHS App? A. We understand that the App will be changing (timing unknown) but we believe it will still have your vaccine history. We will review the situation once we understand the changes. Q. Will we need to Social Distance when on site? A. Although social distancing is no longer a requirement, we ask everyone to be mindful of others and respect their personal space. Q. Will 1-way systems be in use in marques? A. Key areas with high levels of foot traffic such as Game Control will have a 1-way system in place as they did in August 2021. Q. What PPE will be available for staff & volunteers? A. As per the August 2021 events PPE will be available for staff and volunteers