Following a number of incidents both in the field and on social media, The Lorien Trust has this following message regarding gun physreps.


The game world of Erdreja does not and will not allow gunpowder/fire arms and although there is goblin/dwarven engineering no items may resemble a replica firearm of any description i.e. gun, cannons, blunderbuss, flintlock etc. If you have any such item do not bring them to events. If you have one that has a lammie attached remove the lammie and bring that to the Game Control leaving the replica gun at home. No one is allowed to bring these items to the field including Traders, anyone found in the field with such items will be asked to return it to their vehicle and not bring them to future events or face the item being confiscated.


This is not a new rule in our game but it needs reiterating.


LT Office