Every Lorien Trust mainline event takes place at beautiful Locko Park in Derby and includes a set piece. Each of the four annual events is hosted by a different faction or the guilds, who are responsible for helping to make it all happen.

Set pieces are essentially a big theatrical set which help to set the scene of each event and  are enjoyed and used by everyone attending.

Set pieces can take many months of planning. As well as a plot-lead creative vision for the set piece, actually making it happen takes a variety of different skills as well as a lot of hard work.

Lorien Trust LARP event set piece build
Lorien Trust LARP event set piece build

All of this happens thanks to volunteers, and regardless of what faction or guild is hosting, help on site in the runup to an event is always needed to erect the huge marquee tent that houses the build, as well as building the actual set piece.

Hands-on help on site in the week or so leading up to an event is always needed, and the more volunteers the better! Some factions are smaller than others which means their immediate pool of volunteers can be smaller, so please don’t think that you can or need only get involved in setup if it’s your faction hosting.

Part of the 2019 Spring Moot set piece hosting by the Harts Faction
Part of the 2019 Spring Moot set piece hosted by the Harts Faction

How can you help?

Volunteer roles are hugely varied, so if manual labour isn’t your thing, there are loads of other ways you can get involved and help.

It’s not all about putting up tents and building stuff. Set pieces include lots of props. From signs painted with runes that players might need to decipher, to enormous elaborate dragons, so any creative or craft skills you might have are also highly valuable.

Some of the skills we need

  • Creative and crafty skills
  • Practical hands-on building skills
  • Planners & coordinators
  • All-around can-do attitudes

But please don’t worry if you feel you don’t have a particular skill set, rest assured your contribution to set-up will still be greatly valued!

Lorien Trust LARP set up team for the 2019 Spring Moot
Lorien Trust LARP set-up team for the 2019 Spring Moot

So what do set-up volunteers get out of it?

There’s no way we could tell you set-up isn’t hard work, it is, but it’s also a lot of fun, with some set-up regulars with more than 50 builds to their name, so it can’t all be bad!

Generally you’ll need to be on site for a few days before the event, but even if you can only manage a day or two, or even if you can contribute by making props off-site, every contribution is welcome and appreciated and helps to pull off the objective of creating a set that transports people to a different place and makes them walk in and go ‘wow!’

Working set-up means you’ll feel a great bond of camaraderie, you get to have a laugh and hang out with friends or make new friends. Oh, and you also get fed throughout your time on set-up too so you won’t need to think about that side of things.

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of seeing all your hard work come together; being appreciated and interacted with by players once the game starts, and without the dedication and hard work of those on set-up, the game just couldn’t happen.

So for those who have worked set-up in the past or continue to do so, a huge heartfelt thank you.

For those considering working set-up for the first time then do it! You’ll be well looked after, you’ll have fun and your input will be greatly appreciated by all, helping to make this wonderful game what it is and ensuring LT remains a system by players, for players.

Set up of the monster room
Set-up of the monster room

How to get involved with set-up

If you’re keen to get involved as a setup volunteer, then we’d love to have you.

All we ask is that you give us at least one week’s notice so that catering can be planned for you.

To join set-up, or if you have any other questions about volunteering for set-up, please drop the office an email enquiries@lorientrust.com