Dear Fellow Larpers

We are continually monitoring the news and internet gaining the same information as our customers and taking the advice from the Government and Public Health England relating to the Coronavirus outbreak,

Preparations are well underway for our event season, layout, plots etc. However, given that the Government expects the peak of the virus to be May/June the May events are at risk of cancellation, but the August events should be OK to run. If the Government does put a ban in place for mass gatherings this will create a heavy financial burden on us at the Lorien Trust as it will to many businesses and individuals. We will honour any purchased tickets for cancelled events in 2020. Knowing that our customers are very passionate, resilient and supportive we will offer this as a credit(s) for the same event(s) for 2021, all bonus OSPs etc gained from this year’s booking will remain and a special multideal with bonuses will be created for next year for those with credit. By doing this it will greatly help the LT overcome this financial hurdle. Of course, if a customer from a cancelled event would rather a refund this would be processed.

If you have any concerns with regards to attending our events, please email

For events that do go ahead we are having various discussions with suppliers, caterers, bar, Locko, Security, First aid etc. about the events and what precautions need to be taken and we have purchased additional essential supplies such as gold coins, sanitizers, toilet rolls etc.

We will post an update once more is known from the government.

Stay well, be safe and where you can use your community spirit to help others.

Andy King