What is The Sanctum?

The Sanctum is an unofficial group, run by a team of volunteer players who are members the Lorien Trust LARP system.

They offer advice on many areas of the game, from system specifics, to LARP in general, and both in and out of character advice. They can help with anything from character creation, to rules, to advice on how to get involved in specific aspects of the game.

They supply handy booklets, with the “Roleplaying guide” and “New Player Guide” being the most popular. Other guides that they supply include “Mitigating Ritual Disasters”, “Guide to making money in LT”, and new for 2019, “A Guide to the Great Erdrejan Fayre (GEF)”.

They also supply The Sanctum Presents, a handy list of goings-on for each LT mainline event. This is usually published via Facebook a week or so before each event. Paper copies are also available in the field at the Sanctum Desk which you’ll find located in Games Control.

Lorien Trust UK LARP system

New for 2019, they are also starting a “New Player talk/tour and Sanctum Monster Slot” on the Friday evenings of events. These are designed to provide information to newer players (or those inexperienced in certain aspects of the game) about the various factions and guilds present at events.

At the Spring and Summer Moots, this will be a talk at an advertised location, at the GEF and Gathering, this will be a full Faction and Guild tour, with members from each faction available to provide information and answer questions.

They then do a “New to Monstering” monster slot, which both new and existing players are welcome to join. This is with the aim of introducing monstering to those who have not experienced that side of the game.

They aim to obtain a balanced variety of monster roles for this monster slot (although this does largely depend on plot and encounters available).

How to access The Sanctum outside of events

The Sanctum has a Facebook group where you can view all of our guides in the files section. You can also post directly to the page or pm any of the team members with any questions you may have.

They will do their best to help you, or point you in the direction to get the best answer to your queries. A number of Sanctum team members are part of each Faction and Guilds Facebook pages, so can help answer your queries on there as well.

How to access The Sanctum during events

The Sanctu have a desk in Games Control (the one in the corner with the blue table cloth).

They operate this desk from 6pm-10pm Thursday, 10am-10pm Friday, and 10am-early afternoon Saturday.

Outside of these times, some members of the Sanctum team have sashes, displaying the Sanctum logo and are always happy to help. Most Factions, and some guilds have Sanctum representatives, who will be happy to help with specific and general questions you may have during events.