Hi All


A reminder that the Winter booking deadline is fast approaching.  If you want the bonus OSPs and the discounted price, make sure you book before 10pm on Monday 31st January so get your bookings in. 


For those with credits, these have all been allocated so if you haven’t already booked, please don’t leave it to the last minute especially those with an All4 credit you are just a few clicks away from being pre-booked.  A couple of things to be aware of once you see the discount in your basket if you navigate away from that screen without completing your booking your discount will disappear and you will need to email us in the office for us to reallocate it or if you have more than one discount relating to your email because you normally book for someone else you will need to book on separate orders.  


Again, to reiterate please don’t leave your bookings to the last minute in case you have any problems and if you do have issues booking, please email us on enquiries@lorientrust.com


See you all soon.


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