We have made three minor changes/corrections to key publications:
1. The Weapons Guide has been updated to provide clarity between Medium and Large weapon sizes.
a. Medium weapons are between 18”/45.7cm and 42”/107cm
b. Large weapons are between 43”/109cm and 84”/213.4cm
Existing weapons between 42 & 43” will be judged by the Weapons Checker as to whether these are medium or large weapons. 
2. The Occupational Skill Guide has had a correction to the income skills:
Apprentice & Master stated the income stell would be in the return pack; this is not right; these are available from Games Control at the Gathering
3. Rune and Regulations; Clarity to the fire regulations point 8 to read:
No naked flames may be used under canvas or inside tents. The only exception to this would be the use of equipment specifically designed/manufactured for this purpose such as cooking/camping stoves or heating braziers, these must be used in compliance with manufacturers guidelines and be a safe distance away from flammable surfaces or tent canvas. You must have safety equipment readily available i.e. sand/water etc. If unsure your Faction Command or Event Support can give advice. Please make sure the ground is not being damaged by your fire.
If we experience extremely warm/dry weather and the estate landlords instigate a tinder dry no fire policy, we would have to comply.