We’re delighted to introduce our newly appointed Lorien Trust Player Liaison Officer, Lorraine McKee. Read on to find out more.

Lorien Trust Player Liaison Officer, Lorraine McKee

So what exactly is a Player Liaison Officer? Over to Lorraine for her thoughts:

“In all honesty, we’re figuring all of that out at the moment. There are some jobs where a player advocate who is not an NPC, DPC, Ref/Marshall is required. It might be that you want to talk to the office and you’re not sure how.

It may be that you have a concern, but don’t necessarily want to talk to your command team about it. There are probably other situations. We’ll figure those out as we go along – and that’s fine. If a player feels I’m required, cool. It’s kinda my job.

I’m also currently building a diverse team of folk who can be called upon should that be requested.

I’m going to be in the player base most of the time. Handily, my profile picture is of my character, though I dress less posh in the field. Whilst my character is based in the Harts, I spend a lot of time generally elsewhere. I have always been something of a faction and guild cat. Should you need owt, find me – or ask a nearby radio holder to contact me.”

At some point there’s likely to be a dedicated Player Liaison Facebook page, but for now, If you’re not already a member of the Lorien Trust Discussion Group why not pop on over to Facebook to join?