The world of Erdreja pack a lot into a year and some things have a cycle/time element as well as resources that can only be accessed through role-play (rituals etc.). Consequently, once your booking/attendance has been sorted out there will be some additional changes and questions. Below is a basic list of what will happen and will be updated as the weeks and months roll on.

• The naming of, in-character reasons for and other thematic reasons for the Spring Moot being postponed are fairly inconsequential and whilst we would love to encourage roleplay and/or a plot reason for this more (and the GEF being cancelled) we would like all attendees to simply brush over the out-of-character pressures and not bring them into the game in any substantial way. We all understand the out-of-character pressures and reasons are for fighting a very real and potentially deadly virus so pushing a roleplay rationale for the changes is not necessary.

• Whilst in game we ask that the “Breaking of the fourth wall” (which we are all guilty of at times) be kept to a minimum when referencing Corona Virus or Disease references. Worldwide millions of people have been badly affected physically, mentally and financially – with sadly the threat of death being part of it. Please take care not to cause offence or upset with tasteless references, jokes or quips. Anyone found to be purposefully doing so may be asked to leave the event.

• Camping will be the same for the Two Moots – Factions will stay and play in the same camps for both Moot events, the Gathering will then have a camp change around.

• The maximum allowance for the faction crew remaining to look after each camp is 6 per camp. The crew will be allowed to stay on camp free of charge on the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. The faction command will organise who is staying as part of the crew.

• All lammies, loresheets, special creatures, powers, possessions etc. that have a Spring/Summer Moot or the GEF Expiry date will be valid till the end of the Gathering (for both in-game use and for crafting purposes). If the item expired before Spring Moot original date – it has still expired.

• Ritual Slots will remain the same as was disseminated to the relevant teams (Factions and Guilds) – the shift of the Spring Moot does not affect the information given as it is not a Bank Holiday weekend etc.

• Monster slots for each event will be published as soon as possible to allow Plot Teams to re-organise encounters etc.

• Ability to craft/create items (Alchemy, Scrolls, Armour/Weapons etc.) will remain as per the OSP entries. Additional slots/makes/crafting will not be spread across the remaining events

• There will be no Summer Research period (usually happens after the GEF with the results coming in for the Sumer moot), instead those with the relevant skills will be able to participate in the Winter Research where their relevant Occupational Skills will be taken into account for better results.
• High Magic Trials, Training Vouchers etc. will continue to be available in the same quantities and will not be reduced pro-rata for the reduction of events.

• Both Faction and Guild Teams will be adjusting their plans for the year in regard to schedules and plans for Roleplay and events – please give them time to discuss and adjust. They will announce any changes as soon as they can.

The Lorien Trust has spent an extra £10,000 on soap dispensers, 100’s of bottles of hand sanitizer, foam hand wash and other relevant cleaning and HSE supplies, please please be responsible when using these and do not take them for away from where they are stationed as this will impact heavily on all other customers and staff. When prepping your kit please include toilet roll and hand cleaner/sanitizer for your personal use.

If you are showing symptoms just prior to an event, please do not attend the event and follow government and NHS guidelines. We will refuse entry to anyone that is showing symptoms upon arrival.
If you fall ill at an event inform first aid immediately and follow their given advice.

More will be added to this list as questions are asked and/or information becomes available.

The Lorien Trust would like to thank everyone for their patience, care and continued support for the game and hobby we love. Please continue to take every precaution over the uncertain times ahead so that we are healthy and happy for the planned events.