Spring Moot 2023

The Bears Faction welcome you to Barothness Barothness is a coastal city in Eastern Caledonia, and one of the oldest cities in Caledonia, sitting on the banks of the picturesque River Spey and a stone’s throw from an ancient circle of power. This glittering fortress of granite was once one of the biggest centers of trade in Ynes Prydwen, bringing goods and wealth from near and far.

Bears warmly invite all to enjoy their famous hospitality and the lights of Beltane to banish winter and woe. This ancient city is now under siege by the demonic Company of Storm in the service of their self-proclaimed Lady Th’reza. This siege will likely become the decisive moment in the Bear Faction’s struggle for their freedom.

A note for Ritualists: The Ritual Circle at Barothness is aligned to MAGIC