After much deliberation, discussion and (at this time) no sign from the UK Government as to when this year any easing of the restrictions on mass gatherings may happen, the Lorien Trust team have taken the difficult decision to cancel all of the remaining 2020 events as we do not feel that we could deliver the relaxed and stress free events that we all enjoy.

We have spent many thousands of pounds on hand gels, soaps, sanitizers, dispenser, hand wash stations, gloves, masks, shields, anti-bac cleaning materials and other products and PPE in hopeful preparation for the running of events and improving on existing facilities – instead these will now be invested in the running of the 2021 events.

A Covid-19 action plan is currently being structured with adjustments coming into effect for 2021. There will be changes made involving all aspects of the event facilities and elements of game and rules. We will be discussing with all Lorien Trust departments and liaising with external partners on how to ensure safe and enjoyable roleplay events in Erdreja.

We will be running all our main events in 2021 and will be using this downtime wisely to develop and achieve this plan. We will keep you up to date as things progress as well as updates on the rules.

Spring Moot

April 30th to May 3rd


May 28th to May 31st

Summer Moot

August 6th to 8thAugust


August 27th to August 30th

We are finalising the details and schedules on how to credit forward your 2020 booking to 2021, request a refund on your 2020 ticket or (if you wish) to donate the value of your ticket back to the Lorien Trust we will post this information tomorrow at 6pm.

We look forward to seeing you in 2021. Until then look after yourselves and be good to each other

Lorien Trust