Prebooking for 2014 has now closed.

This year has seen our highest number of prebooks in the last 5 years, thank you for keeping us all busy. We will dispatch your event packs within the next two weeks.

Don’t worry if you have not prebooked, you can still pay on the gate at each of the events. If you have booked, please ensure we have all your character details by the 10th so we can ensure the remaining packs are dispatched on the 11th.

The IC plans and plots for both the Summer Moot and The Gathering are nearing completion. We are looking forward to the summer events and working with the multiple factions and guild theme set up crews, if you are a hosting faction/guild, please contact your faction command for further details.

Due to certain plot lines, we will need plenty of volunteer monsters during the events.

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Last Prebook of 2014

The Summer Moot and The Gathering are fast approaching. The final pre-book deadline is 30th June. This is your last chance to pre-book the next 2 events at the £105 multi buy discount.

With only 10 days to go, from Monday we will be working extended hours into early evening (as normal) and until midnight on the 30th to assist anyone with prebooking issues.

The majority of May/June bookings received have now been dispatched.

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Back in the Office.

Thank you to everyone who helped out, from those who cleared their camps of litter, those who assisted with keeping the car parks moving freely and to those who assisted during takedown. We are now back in the office and will start responding to your emails shortly.

Any changes you made at Games Control at either the Spring Moot or the GEF, have not yet been updated onto the website. We run a dual server and merging the data on both machines takes some time. One server remains static. This server powers the website and shows you the information you see when you log into your online account. A secondary server travels with us to site, we use this to run the database during the events. We then feed the event data back into the live server to show you the relevant changes. This process does take some time. If you are waiting for your updated changes to appear before you pre-book, please proceed with your booking and we will ensure that the changes are added to your event pack.

The OSP issue we found during the events is in the process of being remedied. We are working with our software developers to do this. After this time you can always purchase tickets on the gate.


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Spending Update

The last all 4 event deal ends midnight on 31/03/2014. Get Booking.

In February we said we would start spending on various ideas and improvements. In the last month, we have. Our lockup stores are now so full we can’t fit that mars bar in.

Here are some examples;
• An additional 35 TARDIS toilet units,
• New improved TARDIS odour control and chemicals,
• Alcohol hand sanatisers for all TARDIS units,
• Solar lighting for most TARDIS units,
• We are finalising a deal for a backup toilet vacuum tanker,
• 100+ extra seats and extra tables for the bar area,
• Larger outer seating area for the bar (Smoking area)
• New tables & chairs for the guilds area,
• New seating for the casino,
• A new marquee to encompass G.C., Shop, and event support,

Many other things have been sourced or improved (far too many to mention here.) You will spot these at the events.

You can still book for the Summer Moot & The Gathering until the 30/06/2014.

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Now 1000+ bookings are in, we can start spending on the various ideas and improvement we are making to the events this year. There should be enough left over to buy a mars on a bar….

As ever, if you require any assistance with any part of the online booking process please email and I’ll get back to you soon. Adam

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Event Dates 2014

We are happy to announce the event dates for 2014.

2nd-5th May: The Spring Moot is hosted by the Viper Faction with assistance from the Militia Guild.

23rd-26th May: The Great Erdrejan Fayre is hosted by the Power Guilds.

1st-3rd August: The Summer Moot is hosted by the both the Dragons Faction and the Bards Guild.

22nd-25th August: The Gathering. Host are to be confirmed.

Details about the events will follow later in Rune 2014 when it becomes available.

We will be keeping our 'Introduce a Friend' deal, as well as our new player deal for the forthcoming year. All 2014 event prices are frozen at 2013 rates.

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How to Guide for Our New Online Booking

In order to book you will need to create an account, this is different from any existing LT Forum account you may have. Existing LT customers should click the 'Register' button on the 'User Login' side panel on the left and follow the onscreen instructions to retrieve your existing customer record. The system will ask for some details and pair them with those held on the database. Once our system has found your customer and character details you will need to authorise and confirm they are correct. When you have completed this process you can book for LT Events. In the unlikely event your information is not paired or found the system will ask you for further details and cross reference your account to the old database.

If you have any issues with online booking or creating your account please only contact us by email at Do not use the forums, Facebook, Twitter. We aim to respond to each issue as soon as possible.

FORUMS - Please note at this time we have moved to a manual process for forum access requests. We understand that this will slow down the activation.

New Players.

Your section of the registration requires some extra programing which is being done this week. You can still register your out of character details at this time.

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