Hosting for 2015.

We are pleased to announce the hosts for the 2015 season.

The Spring Moot (1st - 4th May) will be hosted by the Lions Faction.

The Great Erdrejan Fayre (22nd - 25th May) will be hosted by the Viper Faction.

The Summer Moot (31st July – 2nd August) will be hosted by the Wolves Faction.

The Gathering (28th – 31st August) will be hosted by the LT with support from all factions.

We will retain our ‘Introduce a Friend’ and our ‘New Customer’ deal for the 2015 season. Postal and online bookings for our 2015 season will open at noon on the 1/12/2014.

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Dates for 2015

We are finishing off the seasons paperwork and have started with our initial prep for 2015 and have already started the search for props.
Once again we would like to thank everyone for your continued help.

We are happy to announce the event dates for 2015.

1st - 4th May: The Spring Moot
22nd - 25th May: The Great Erdrejan Fayre
31st July – 2nd August: The Summer Moot
28th – 31st August: The Gathering

Hosting factions & guilds are to be announced at a later date.
We have updated the website to reflect recent character changes made during the Summer Moot & The Gathering. Should you notice any issues please notify the admin team by using the appropriate “Amend” buttons; we will get back to you shortly.

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How to Guide for Our New Online Booking

In order to book you will need to create an account, this is different from any existing LT Forum account you may have. Existing LT customers should click the 'Register' button on the 'User Login' side panel on the left and follow the onscreen instructions to retrieve your existing customer record. The system will ask for some details and pair them with those held on the database. Once our system has found your customer and character details you will need to authorise and confirm they are correct. When you have completed this process you can book for LT Events. In the unlikely event your information is not paired or found the system will ask you for further details and cross reference your account to the old database.

If you have any issues with online booking or creating your account please only contact us by email at Do not use the forums, Facebook, Twitter. We aim to respond to each issue as soon as possible.

FORUMS - Please note at this time we have moved to a manual process for forum access requests. We understand that this will slow down the activation.

New Players.

Your section of the registration requires some extra programing which is being done this week. You can still register your out of character details at this time.

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