2017 sees the return of our temporary website due to reasons beyond our control.

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The past few years has seen a number of our selected caterers fail to attend our events. This is due to the economic climate and business closures, which has diminished the availability of both range and variety of foods available for our customers, such as specialist coffee and hog roast. Regrettably, on Wednesday we were advised that our regular baked potato vendor had ceased trading, despite a contractual agreement to attend being in place. As a temporary measure, one of our other regular caterers has sought to provide a selection of baked potatoes and fillings in addition to their existing range.
Our current and continuing event caterers have both longstanding and reliable relationships with both the LT and you, our customers. We believe that compared to other festival events the caterers are reasonably priced.

We do not own or operate any of the front-of-house caterers. These, like the bar, are privately owned companies who have an arrangement to cater to our customers at our events. We endeavour to offer reasonable pitch fees in order to prevent any over inflation of food prices. The LT, alongside the local authority Environmental Health officers check that each caterer holds the relevant food safety certification and insurances as a food vendor. This includes LT’s own staff canteen. All caterers are out of character, in order to comply with the Food Safety regulations.

If you do have any concerns or issues with any of the food from any caterers, please speak with the caterer in the first instance.

We would like to ask you, our customers, do you know of any additional caterers, who are geared up to provide mobile event catering on the scale required,  who would be interested in catering at our events to supplement our existing caterers and offer a more diverse selection of food.

We would welcome any suggestions for these caterers that you may have. Please send these to enquiries@lorientrust.com with the subject “Caterers”

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