Rules Introduction


This Handbook covers the Game rules system used by the Lorien Trust (LT) at all their events. In the introduction, the layout of the book will be explained, as well as some of the more basic concepts you will find used within the rest of the book. For those of you who are used to earlier versions of the System, some fundamental changes should be explained.


‘So what do I need to read?’

The Handbook is laid out with the most important information at the front. It is divided into three Chapters and four Appendices. Each chapter is further divided into Sections.


The first chapter deals with the basics of playing within the rules system, including how the rules are set out, Safety calls and the roles of Referees and Marshals. This section is vitally important, as everything else in the Handbook requires you to know how the rules work.


The second chapter deals with the basic damage and magic system. These rules cover the character rather than the player in the game. Included in this section are the rules on combat and on magical effects that your character might be affected by.


The third chapter covers the other logistics around playing a character; details on how special items and powers work, spell cards, searching and other information you will need to play the game.


Appendix 1 covers character creation and character skills.

Appendix 2 covers guidelines for using weapons.

Appendix 3 contains tables showing the class and characteristic of every effect

Appendix 4 contains definitions of various terms and the glossary. All words in italics in this document are described in this Appendix.


Attending Events

‘Who Attends LT Events?’

All LT Main events are suitable for families. The LT provides entertainment for young and old, which is shown by the fact that our events are attended by children and grandparents alike.

People from all walks of life enjoy the escapism that the LT has to offer whether they are students, builders, mechanics, lawyers, IT professionals, nurses, doctors or those who are in between jobs.


‘What Should I Bring With Me?’

All Lorien Trust events are camping-based weekends so you might want to bring the following with you:

  • A tent and sleeping kit/bag
  • Enough clothes for the event and some extra clothes, especially extra socks etc.
  • Make sure you bring some warm and weather proof clothes for the evenings (even in the summer it can get quite cold and damp during the night)


Other useful things to bring:

  • Money (for extra food and drinks, or maybe more costume and LRP weapons)
  • Food and drinks
  • Cooking and eating utensils including a stove (unless you plan to eat solely from the caterers)
  • A torch
  • Towel
  • Wash kit
  • Sun cream
  • Don’t forget any medication that you may require
  • And not forgetting the costume and LRP weaponry you will need


The most important thing to remember is ‘enjoy yourself and have fun’.


‘What If I Want To Arrive Early For An Event?’

You may wish to arrive on the Thursday for an event to set up camp and prepare for the event. Please call the office or ask at the gate or game control for further information.

You may also be interested in helping with the main setup of the events, for which we may be able to discount your ticket price. Please call the office for details on how to volunteer for event setup.


Facilities at Events


Toilets and washing facilities

Toilets and a limited number of showers will be provided and placed as practically as we can.

Standpipes can be found in the main field and around the edge of the camping areas. The water comes direct from the water mains, so be warned it may be cold and under a lot of pressure.

Catering, bar and supplies

Ranges of catering units provide a good selection of hot/cold food and drinks. Some vegetarian food will also be available.

A licensed bar tent will provide a range of alcoholic and soft drinks, during licensing hours to approximately 6pm on the last day of the event. (Alcohol will not be sold to any person under 18.


Site Facilities:

  • Camping areas
  • Car parking
  • Individual unisex “tardis style” WC facilities
  • Showers
  • Water stand pipes
  • A range of caterers
  • A large bar
  • An LRP related traders market
  • Various helpful event and maintenance staff
  • 24 hour cover by security and first aid staff during the whole event.


Game Facilities:

  • Game control/information point
  • LRP weapons/armour checking
  • Game referees
  • Themed Ritual Circle (except The Great Erdrejan Fayre)
  • Special effects and themed plot locations involving interactive game world plots
  • Large skirmishes and battles
  • Factions, Guilds, NPC’s, monsters, in-game casino, Children’s (plots, activities & adventures).


First Aid

Qualified male and female First Aid staff will be on hand to deal with any medical problems or accidents that may occur at the events. They are stationed at First Aid near to Game Control, 24 hours a day.

Information given to the First Aid team will be treated in confidence, unless needed by Ambulance or other medical personnel. In the event of an emergency, all LT staff with a radio will be able to contact First Aid or security on your behalf.



Lorien Trust security staff will be based in the Games Control marquee and will be available 24 hours a day during the events. If you do have non game-based problems, this is where you need to go. Male and female security is available. The LT will treat information given to a member of security in confidence.

Security also deals with:

  • All lost and/or found property
  • The issue of free refuse bags

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