Occupational Skills:
A Guide to Advancement

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Learning Occupational Skills

What are Occupational Skills (OS) and Occupational Skill Points (OSPs)?

Occupational Skills are used to represent the increase in experience, understanding and skill available to a character over a period of time. They can be used to specialise a character in an area, or areas, of interest. There are a number of ways to purchase OS for a character, including via the Guilds and Factions, tutoring, ‘self-teaching’ and LT plot. Occupational Skill Points are issued to our customers as thanks for their continued loyalty and represent potential learning and development opportunities for a character. Unspent OSPs are not lost if a character dies. OSPs for attending LT Main Events are automatically credited to a player’s account and tokens will not be issued for these events. OSPs gained during pre-booking are available for purchasing skills from the first event attended onwards but not during that pre-booking. OSPs gained from paying on the gate are not available for purchasing skills until the following year. At Sanctioned Events OSPs will be issued as a blue one point token that can be banked at an LT Main Event by handing them in at Game Control and these will not be available for purchasing skills until the following year. They cannot be banked at Sanctioned Events or by post.

For attending an LT Main event you gain 10 OSPs & a Sanctioned Event (Monstering or Playing) you gain 1 OSP. You can also Monster at LT Main events and earn more OSPs (or IC Coin) depending on how long you do it for.

Purchasing Skills

Skills may be purchased at pre-booking and during the LT Main Events each year. Up to four skills may be purchased each year, including both skills purchased at pre-booking and those purchased at a main LT event. All purchases during the LT Main Events must be made at the same time, regardless of the methods used to acquire the skill (tutoring, training vouchers or ‘self-teaching’).

Restricted Skills (Updated: Rules Clarifications)

Some skills are restricted (marked with an @ symbol). Learning these restricted skills will involve either being taught by a tutor or some other IC activity. All restricted skills may only be bought at LT Main Events. To purchase such skills, the tutor, or an individual authorised to validate an IC activity (e.g. a referee), must accompany the pupil to Game Control at an LT Main Event. Anyone authorised to validate an IC requirement will have all details on what IC activities may be involved. Tier 5 skills are extremely rare abilities. The teaching of these skills is a closely guarded secret possessed by the Guilds and various other powerful individuals. Through hard work and effort, a character may gain the opportunity to learn one of these coveted abilities. A standard character may have a maximum of twelve OS on their card at any time, up to four of which may be Tier 5 skills. It is possible to sacrifice a skill to free up a space on the card; however refunds of OSPs will not be given in such circumstances. Once a skill is sacrificed it is gone and would need to be re-purchased as normal.

The following skills do not count towards the limit of twelve skills; Apprentice <X>, Journeyman <X>, Master <X>, Sage <X>, Scholar <X>, <X> Command and General Knowledge <X> & Oathsworn <X>.

You may have four slots of income skills at any one time. Apprentice <X> takes up one slot, Journeyman <X> takes up two slots and Master <X> takes up four slots. You may have up to two Scholar <X> or one Sage <X> skills at any one time.

Skill ‘Ladders’ (or Trees)

Some skills have prerequisites of a skill on a lower Tier. Some skills replace the previous skill in the ladder and that previous skill is removed from the character card. This replacement is explicitly stated in the skill description and the skill that is replaced will be marked in bold. Some OS have prerequisites that are necessary to purchase the OS. A character must already possess the prerequisite skill to learn the new skill and may not buy a skill at the same time they buy the prerequisite. Losing the prerequisite to purchase a skill will not prevent use of that OS or result in loss of the OS from a character card. Any prerequisites to use an OS are detailed in Occupational Skill Descriptions and these prerequisites must be retained in order to use the skill.

Special creature, LoreSheet or Lammie supported Skills

Some skills are only available to special creatures, loresheets or listed on lammies, such as Vampires and werecreatures. These skills will not appear in any of the skill lists below, and instead will appear on that creature’s loresheet. The abilities of these creatures are included here for completeness. All costs for these skills will also appear on the loresheets for these creatures. These skills may be purchased by pre-booking & ‘self-teaching’ as per the rules laid out on the LoreSheet. They may purchase other skills as per usual.

Purchasing Methods

Training Vouchers

Guilds and Factions will have training vouchers to issue to characters. These are OOC items that will state up to what Tier of skill, in which Guild and how many skills (or what specific skill) they may be used to purchase, a Voucher that is not filled in is invalid and maybe removed. Vouchers for a Guild can also be used to purchase skills in the collection of Guilds to which that Guild belongs e.g. an Archers Guild voucher can be also be used to purchase skills from the Martial Guilds list e.g. Armour Mastery. These vouchers are issued to specific characters and are not transferable. Training vouchers can only be used at LT Main Events. There are two types of vouchers. Open vouchers can be used to buy as many skills as the character can purchase, up to and including that tier. See Skill ‘Ladders’ above for restrictions regarding skills with prerequisites. Closed vouchers can only be used to buy one skill and if a skill is written on them then they can only be used for that named skill. OSPs will be deducted from the player’s account when the voucher is handed over. When buying non-restricted skills the player’s character card is instantly updated. However, if the skill is a restricted skill it will be updated over the winter period as further practice is required to perfect the skill. This will mean the skill will automatically appear on the character card the following year but will count against the number of skills bought in the year of purchase.

Tutoring and Pupils

A tutor may take on other characters as pupils. The tutor may teach a pupil an OS that they have on their character card (or one of its prerequisites) so long as the pupil meets the other requirements to purchase that skill. They may teach a maximum of two skills each calendar year and these skills may be up to and including Tier 4 but may not include the Tutor OS itself. There are no set activities and no set duration for such teaching and the tutor and pupil are free to role-play these elements as they wish, within the rules and spirit of the game. At the point at which the tutor has successfully taught their pupil a skill, both parties must attend Game Control at an LT Main Event. The OSPs are then instantly deducted from the pupil’s account. At this point if the skill is non-restricted, the pupil’s character card is instantly updated. However, if the skill is a restricted skill it will be updated over the winter period as further practice is required to perfect the skill. This will mean the skill will automatically appear on the character card the following year.

Self Teaching

Characters may ‘teach’ themselves unrestricted skills over the winter period. To ‘self-teach’ a skill the character must have all the necessary prerequisites before commencing. ‘Self-teaching’ will grant the skill at the start of the next LT Main Event season but will count against the number of skills bought in the year of purchase. To ‘self-teach’ any OS the player may register with Game Control at an LT Main Event their intent to learn the skill over the winter period. This will mean the skill will automatically appear on the character card the following year and the OSPs will be immediately deducted from the player’s account.


When pre-booking for a season a player may purchase unrestricted skills on their booking form. This will count against the number of skills bought in that year. The OSPs will be deducted from the player’s account and the skill will appear on the character card sent in their return pack.


There may be opportunities via plot to access training in any of the above ways. These will not be common opportunities and IC requirements should be expected.

Example of Skill Purchases

A character in the Guilds receives an open training voucher for the Mages Guild at Tier 4 and has 80 OSPs to spend. They use this at Game Control to buy Rite Master (Tier 1, 10 OSPs), Identify (Tier 2, 20 OSPs) and Cast High Countermagic (Tier 3, 30 OSPs). They cannot buy a skill such as skill Ritual Magic (Improved) due to the fact that they do not have the skill Rite Master on their card at the time of purchase. This costs them a total of 60 OSPs their character card is replaced with a new card with the new skills added. The voucher is taken from them and they may still choose to ‘self teach’ another skill provided they do so at the same time.

A character with no training vouchers and 100 OSPs to spend persuades a tutor to teach them a skill for a fee. They have the Armour Mastery skill, the tutor has the Armour Mastery (Advanced) skill and the Tutor skill. After role-playing the training for an event the tutor decides the pupil has learned the skill and they both visit Game Control. The pupil has 40 OSPs deducted from their account and their card is updated to remove Armour Mastery and replace it with Armour Mastery (Advanced), as the skill is a replacement. The pupil also elects to ‘self teach’ themselves Immune to Fear, a further 10 OSPs are removed from their account and the skill will appear on their character card next year. After leaving Game Control the pupil may not buy anymore skills in that year.

A character wishes to become a Corruptor. This is a restricted skill and they must find a tutor to teach it to them, it cannot be ‘self taught’. In a rare occurrence a Lich offers them a deal to teach them Corruption if they betray their Faction to the Lich. Having agreed this, the referee with the Lich hands the player a plot training voucher for the Corruption OS. The player may use this voucher at Game Control at any LT Main event that year to buy the skill. As it is a restricted skill it will not appear on the character card until the following year when purchased

Item creation skills

All skills that allow the creation of items such as weapons, armour, potions, poisons, reagents or scrolls, will have a list at the relevant Guild of what types of items can be made and the IC costs in creating them. The availability of raw materials may vary from year to year.

Research Request

Some OS grant the ability to perform improved research requests. For further details about research requests please refer to Game Control or the relevant Guild

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