Special Items

Spell effects generated by special items do not suffer from armour restrictions or effects that interrupt concentration, and if on a weapon they target the location struck. Spell effects that directly cause damage cannot be applied to weapons as lammie properties, e.g. Enchanted Blast. Spell effects that cause damage that are duplicated as a specific Damage Effect use the Damage Effect, rather than the spell effect, e.g. Enchanted Cause Fatal cannot be used, but Enchanted Fatal can. Items that allow the user to generate spell effects follow normal restriction and concentration rules. Some combinations of effects cannot be combined for game mechanics reasons.

Magic Items and Powers

Laminated Cards

A lammie is a laminated card detailing special item powers, character special powers or special creature abilities. The text on a Lammie should be considered Rules and part of the game. All LT lammies remain property of the Lorien Trust and may be withdrawn at any time. Lammies are only valid between their Issue date and their Duration condition (which may be a date, or ‘Until Dismissed’, ‘Until Death’ etc), and must be stamped with LT authorisation stamps. Sanctioned events may use a different style of event only lammies that are valid for that event only. Lammies are invalid if damaged or if new powers have been written on top. In these cases, please take your lammie to Game Control for possible re-issue. Lammies are effective even if not visible although they must always be easily accessible should a Marshal or Referee ask to see them. During time-out, it is your responsibility to secure your lammie. You must make sure that your lammie is registered to you at Game Control by the end of the event you acquired it, or within 1 hour if you have stolen it IC and it is attached to someone else’s phys rep (see Chapter 3, Section 2, In-Character Theft, page 44). If you do not have a suitable, safe phys-rep, you will not be allowed to use your item. (See Appendix 2 – Weapons Guidelines, page 52).

Power Rating (Updated: Rules Clarifications)

All lammies have a Power Rating associated with them. From the start of the Spring Moot 2011 all Special Items, Special Creatures and Special Powers should have an explicit power rating. If you have one of these cards without an explicit power rating on them you may bring your card to Game Control to have it replaced.

Carrying Items and Power Ratings The ability for people to carry items of power in Erdreja has increased slightly. Only items stop working or are destroyed by the following rule not other powers such as Special creatures, powers or talismanic auras. In addition rare items such as Artefacts and Iconic items are also immune to this destruction, and will not stop working.

If the sum of the Power Rating of all lammies you are carrying exceeds 12 then all items with a Power Rating greater than 0 that you carry will stop working immediately. If you exceed 13 points of power then your magical items (those items with a Power Rating greater than 0) will be Destroyed. Each item will become hot for 10 seconds prior to its destruction, first all potions and sigil effects (these all heat up and are destroyed together), then proceeding through each item starting at the one with the lowest Power Rating.

If your Power Rating exceeds 14 points after all magical items on you have been Destroyed, then your torso will be Destroyed by Artefact damage. You may not sneak additional magic items onto another character without there being a ref present and aware of your intentions.

Magically Active Items

Any lammie with a Power Rating greater than 0 is considered magical.

If the sum of the Power Ratings of all the lammies you are carrying exceeds 0 then you Detect as magically active.

If the Power Rating of any lammie is more than 0 then it Detects as magical and may be identified as such by the use of the Sense Magic or similar skill.

Restrictions on Lammies

No character can have more than 1 special creature lammie.

No character can have more than 1 special power lammie.

No item may have more than 1 special item and 1 special item power lammie.


Lammie Hierarchy

If a loresheet conflicts with a lammie or spell, the loresheet takes precedence. In the case of a conflict between Lammie effects, (E.g. A Special Power that allows the user to strike for Flame combined with a Special Weapon that strikes for Cold) the Lammie with the higher Power Rating takes precedence. If the Power Rating of the lammies is the same, then the following Hierarchy is used:

Hierarchy Flow

Most Powerful to Least Powerful
Special Weapon > Spell > Special Item > Special Power > Special Creature


Other Items

Limited Use Items

When the powers of a special liquid or special item are not apparent until it is used, a rip-open lammie will be produced. When such an item is used, tear off the exposed paper tab and then rip the lammie open; any effects will be detailed inside. It is necessary to note the date and time of use on the removable insert and retain the lammie until all effects have expired.

When the powers of a special item with a limited use are apparent to all, then there may be a tear-off strip, with the words ‘tear on use’. When torn, the item will have the effects detailed. Once the effects have been resolved, the item is no longer active.


Scrolls & Glyphs (Updated: Rules Clarifications)

Scrolls and Glyphs do not have lammies attached to them but will have an expiry date and an official LT authorisation stamp on them. Scrolls and Glyphs must be torn in half when used. Any character with invocation can use scrolls and glyphs. If the effect on the scroll or glyph has a duration, the time and date of activation must be marked on the scroll upon use, which then must then be torn in half once the duration has expired. The magical effect contained within the scroll or glyph takes effect exactly as its description says and treats the character that invoked the scroll or glyph as the caster in all cases; all restrictions as to the target remain and must be obeyed.

Scrolls All uncast scrolls have a power rating of 0 while being carried (unless they say otherwise). However some powerful scrolls create a Sigil effect when cast. As such they should then be counted as an active Sigil. (see above). It will indicate on the scroll if this is the case.

Potions & Poisons

Rip open lammies (Updated: Rules Clarifications)

Potion and poisons have Lammies that must be ripped open and the time and date of use (if it has a duration) written on it when the potion or poison is consumed. If a potion or poison lammie has been ripped open then it is considered used. If a ripped open potion or poison lammie does not have the time and date written on it then it is considered wasted and void. All potion and poison lammies must be attached to appropriate phys-reps. A player should NEVER consume the contents of the phys-reps. You must not write the effect of the potion or poison on the exterior of the lammie either in full or in some shorthand reference. Any lammies found to be so marked by a Referee or Marshal will be considered IC spoiled and will not have IC effects. The lammies will be confiscated and returned to Game Control/LT. You can mark the IC container.

Some Special Liquids/ Alchemical Preparations (potions/poisons/oils) may have a power rating above 0. This will be indicated on the front of the Lammie. When consumed or upon use, it will have the power rating indicated on the inside of the Lammie. Please note, all Special Liquids with a power rating above 0 count as an “Active Sigil” for determining if it or its effect stops working, or is destroyed earlier than its normal expiry.

Poison Types and classes

There are two types of poison: Alchemical and Magical. The effects Purge Poison and Purge All Poisons are only effective on Alchemical Poisons, and will only be effective on non-lethal poisons if they are purged before they deliver their effect. Magical poisons each have their own unique cures.

All poisons will be spoiled if they are not used within 30 minutes of opening them. Poisons cannot be mixed, and applying two separate poisons to the same item will cause both to be spoiled. Spoiled poisons have no effect. Any person attempting to use or apply poisons without a poison-handling skill (i.e. a skill that grants them a loresheet that identifies that liquid as a poison) has a high chance of poisoning himself or herself, and the attempt requires a Referee.


There are four classes of poison, and a further distinction is made between Lethal and non-Lethal poisons:

  • Venom – Poisons that must be delivered by weapon blow to an unarmoured location or by using the Through Venom poisons need to penetrate armour to work and will be spoiled if they hit a location with an AV above zero. Always Lethal.
  • Ingestive – Poisons that will inflict their effect on the first person to consume any morsel of food or drink from the poisoned item. All poisoned phys-reps must be OOC safe to consume. Generally Lethal.
  • Vapour – Poisons that will inflict their effect on everyone within 10ft (~3m) of them. After that point, they have no further effect. Often Lethal.
  • Weapon Oil – Alchemical treatments that modify the damage effect or damage type on a single weapon for the next successful strike. Parries will not cause the oil to be used. Weapon oils are generally not magical, though they often produce magical effects, and can only modify the damage type of Normal weapons. Rarely Lethal.


All Lethal poisons always have an onset time followed by a debilitation time and their use requires a Referee to be present. At the end of the debilitation time, the target dies unless the poison has been purged. At no point does a Lethal Poison cause its target to enter their Grace period.

Non-Lethal poisons generally have an instant effect. Some have an onset and/or debilitation time, and their use requires a Referee to be present. At the end of the debilitation time, the poison delivers its effect unless the poison has been purged.

All non-Lethal poison effects work exactly as their respective spell effects, and general immunity to poisons will not help resist their effects. E.g., Paralysis weapon oil will paralyse the target unless they are immune to paralysis, even if they are immune to poisons.

  • During the onset time, the target will feel no effects from the poison, though the poison will still be detectable by normal means.

During the debilitation time, the target is Debilitated.

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