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Numerous fantasy races exist within Erdreja. Many are widespread, but others remain all but unknown. For purposes of simplification, we have grouped all the known races together into the racial groups listed below. Each race belongs to a category, and you count as a member of the category of the racial group you are in. For the purpose of effects that target specific groups, you will be affected by damage that targets either your racial group or your category, e.g. if you are an Elf you will take both Elf Bane and Elder Race Bane. Select a racial group from those listed, for more details see the Lorien Trust World Guide.


Category Racial Group Example individual races
Existential Human * Caledonian, Norscan, Teutonian
Beast # Bear, Wolf, Sheep, Cow
Plant # Shambling Mound, Oak Tree
Mineral # Golem, Clockwork man, Gargoyle
Elder Races Dwarf Dark Dwarf, Duegear
Elf Sea Elf, Wood Elf, Sylvan
Fey Fairy, True Fey, Seelie, Gelf
Olog Ogre, Troll, Trollkin
Younger Races Beastkin Beastman, Catkin, Bugbear, Wolfkin
Drow Drow, Dark Elf, Norn
Halfling Kender, Hobbit, Wee Folk
Uruk Goblin, Hobgoblin, Orc, Blackorc
Planar Ancestral # Spirit, Daeva, Avatar
Daemon # Imps, Demonkin, Overlord
Elemental # Zephyr, Servitor, Ifrit, Djinn
Umbral Voidkin, Half-Fiend, Half-construct


 # Not a playable race without a supporting lammie
* Default race if none other are chosen



Please note that no race has any form of special power innately. If you wish to play a special creature of some sort then you should choose your initial race and seek out how to unlock your true nature in game. If you wish to play a half-breed, you should decide which side of your nature is dominant, and pick that race.

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