Character Concept

The fantasy/medieval world of Erdreja has been created to accommodate a wide variety of characters within its campaign. Use the following procedure to create your character.


Choose a concept

You may already have an idea of the type of character you would like to play. This will be your basic guide to creating your character within the Lorien Trust Role-Playing system. If you do not have a basic idea for a character, think of a favourite story or film character you may wish to base your character upon. You may be playing this character for a long time to come, so you do not want to be stuck playing something you do not enjoy. Remember as well, that most LT events last for a considerable period – up to three or four days, with only limited OOC time. You should come up with a concept that you are comfortable with role-playing for this amount of time. You should avoid directly copying fictional characters and try to create a character that is unique in some way. For example you should avoid playing Legolas, but Legolas could be the inspiration for a more personalised and unique Elven archer.

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