Effects by Class


Magical Mind Pattern Physical
Affect Befriend Attract Unliving Chant of Melee Immunity
Ancestral Strike Beguile Chant of Sanctuary Chant of Missile Immunity
Ancestral weapon Confusion Chant of Wasting Chant of Protection
Aura of Defence Courage Control Ancestral Crush
Aura of Immunity Distract Control Daemon Cure Wound
Bane Enthral Control Elemental Endurance
Blast Fear Control Unliving Forbidding
Cause Disease Free Mind Decay Fortify Body
Cause Fatal Wound Mass Fear Detect Unliving Full Cure
Cause Paralysis Rally Disease Full Cure Ancestral
Corrupt Body Remove Fear Embody Unliving Full Cure Daemon
Countermagic Sleep Fatal Wound Full Cure Elemental
Detect Magic   Halt Unliving Full Repair Unliving
Dismiss   Heal Fatal Wound Fumble
Freeze   Heal Wound Halt
Greater corrupt Body   High Control Ancestral Mend
Harm   High Control Daemon Mend Armour
Infuse Shield   High Control Elemental Mute
Iron Will   High Control Unliving No Damage
Lay to Rest   High Countermagic Purge all poisons
Mage Armour   High Dismiss Purge Poison
Mage Bolt   Paralysis Repel
Paladin’s armour   Protection from Paralysis Shatter
Petrify   Remove Decay Strikedown
Retribution   Remove Disease Subdue
Rite of Dedication   Remove Paralysis Through
Speak with Ancestor   Repair Unliving  
Teleport   Shield from Corruption  
Trace Transport   Speak with dead  
Weapon of Cold   Total Heal  
Weapon of Flame      

Effects by Characteristic


Command Counter Cure Enchant
Attract Unliving Countermagic Cure Wound Ancestral Strike
Befriend High Countermagic Free Mind Ancestral weapon
Beguile Damage Full Cure Aura of Defence
Confusion Affect Full Cure Ancestral Aura of Immunity
Control Ancestral Bane Full Cure Daemon Cause Disease
Control Daemon Blast Full Cure Elemental Cause Fatal Wound
Control Elemental Crush Full Repair Unliving Cause Paralysis
Control Unliving Fatal Wound Heal Fatal Wound Chant of Melee Immunity
Distract Harm Heal Wound Chant of Missile Immunity
Enthral Mage Bolt Mend Chant of Protection
Fear No Damage Mend Armour Chant of Sanctuary
High Control Ancestral Subdue Purge all poisons Chant of Wasting
High Control Daemon Through Purge Poison Courage
High Control Elemental Detect Rally Decay
High Control Unliving Detect Magic Remove Decay Disease
Mass Fear Detect Unliving Remove Disease Embody Unliving
Sleep Trace Transport Remove Paralysis Endurance
Speak with dead Special Repair Unliving Fortify Body
Force Corrupt Body Total Heal Infuse Shield
Forbidding Dismiss Immobilisation Iron Will
Fumble Greater corrupt Body Freeze Mage Armour
Mute High Dismiss Halt Paladin’s armour
Repel Lay to Rest Halt Unliving Protection from Paralysis
Shatter Petrify Paralysis Remove Fear
Strikedown Rite of Dedication   Retribution
  Speak with Ancestor   Shield from Corruption
  Teleport   Weapon of Cold
      Weapon of Flame


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