Glossary of Terms

The terms in this glossary are used throughout the Handbook or elsewhere within the system. They do not contain rules but being familiar with them will help you understand the rules

Aberrant Pattern

A pattern that has been altered, damaged or warped in some way. There are a number of ways for a pattern to become Aberrant, but mostly this is the result of ritual level magical effects, such as one might encounter or use in a ritual. Characters may not have Aberrant Patterns without a supporting lammie.


A sub-type of Dust, Poison or Potion. Poisons of this type may be removed by using any of the following effects: Purge Poison, Purge All Poisons and Total Heal.

Alien Life Pattern

A pattern that is not from Erdreja, such creatures are rare and often cannot spend much time on Erdreja. Alien Life Patterns require a supporting lammie and so are not available to starting characters.

Armour value (AV)

Refers to the protection value of a piece of armour or how many points of damage on a location are considered armour.


The in game persona that you play within the L.T.R.P. System.

Character skill (CS)

Refers to the basic skills that each character buys at creation.

Command Group

The Staff Members that are in charge of a Faction or Guild. They often play the NPCs who run that Faction or Guild.


An alchemical preparation that may be used to enhance a character or their armour.


Effects are spells or special types of damage that will affect your character in different ways.

Game Control

Game Control is the point of contact at LT events for all IC and OOC logistics. This includes character creation, obtaining ritual results, character deaths, any forms required and any other general enquiries. At a Sanctioned Event there will normally be a Game Control desk but in some cases it may close after booking in has finished, the event Referees will be able to perform the function of Game Control in this case and you should refer queries to them.

Head of Plot

The member of LT Staff who has responsibility for all Plots at all LT events (including Sanctioned events). Has seniority in regards to all plot written and run at LT events.

Head of Referees

The member of LT Staff responsible for Referees and Marshals. Has seniority over all other Referees and Marshals.

Head of Rules

The member of LT Staff who has responsibility for overseeing and maintaining the Rules and Logistics of the L.T.R.P. System, including loresheets, the Guide to Character Advancement and this Handbook. Has final say on all rules interpretation.

In game

Anything that happens within the game world including IC actions.

In-character (IC)

All activity that happens as part of the game. This affects the Character, not the Player.


An effect generated by the powers of Incantation. An Innate effect that generates an effect defined as an incantation. These powers are created via an Ancestor.


The ability to generate effects without the use of a free hand or full vocals.


A Laminated Card authorised by the LT that contains the rules that concern a specific item or creature. A sanctioned event may produce a different style of lammie that will be for that event only.

Living Pattern

The pattern of a being that is alive. Characters with Living Patterns need to breathe, eat, sleep, etc. All characters have Living Patterns unless they have a Special Creature lammie stating otherwise.


A document detailing how a specific item or creature affects the game world. A loresheet may also contain a reference key for lore codes found on certain items.

Magical pattern

A pattern created and animated by magic. Characters may not have a magic pattern without a supporting lammie.


An exceptionally well-made item. These items are normally non-magical in nature, but superior to normal versions of such items. Any such item will have details of how it differs on a lammie.

Melee Weapons

Any weapon intended for close combat as opposed to ranged combat e.g. swords are melee weapons; bows and throwing daggers are not. If your weapon phys-rep has a core, it is a melee weapon and may not be thrown or used as a projectile.

Monster and Monstering

Monsters are characters that form part of a plotline; they may have powers unavailable to a player character and are directed by a plot team. At LT mainline events, players are encouraged to play the various monsters that are part of the plot lines at the event. You can volunteer to monster by reporting to the Monster Room, which is located in the Market place (if in doubt where it is, you can enquire at Game Control).

Non Combat Prop (NCP)

NCPs are non-combat props, i.e. some form of game prop such as boxes/barrels/ritual phys reps, which are not for use in combat. A NCP lammie does not make the item subject to the IC stealing rules.

Non-Player Character (NPC)

A character controlled by the LT and/or a Faction or Guild plot team. Faction and Guild leaders are examples of NPC roles. They are there to provide depth and colour, and make a living, breathing game world for you to enjoy. All NPCs are answerable to the Lorien Trust and such an appointment and continued appointment is subject to LT approval.

Occupational Skill (OS)

Skills gained through training with a Guild or (occasionally) an independent master. All Occupational Skills require the expenditure of Occupational Skill Points (OSPs). (See the publication ‘Occupational Skills: A Guide to Advancement’ for more details)

Onset time

The time it takes a poison to start working from the moment it enters the targets system.

Out of Bounds

Any area that players are prohibited to enter.

Out-of-character (OOC)

All activity that concerns the Player, not the Character.


The whole make-up of a being in Erdreja. Everything has a Pattern, but not everything has a Living Pattern.


Stands for Physical Representation. Without an appropriate Phys-rep, an item cannot be considered to exist at an event. This covers all things from Characters to Castles.


You, the person playing the character.

Plot Non-Player Character (Plot NPC)

These characters form part of a plot line and are directed by a plot team. They will never have powers unavailable to players.


A liquid or salve that has detrimental effects.


A liquid or salve that has positive effects.


A power is a way of generating effects. Starting Characters can have access to three powers, that of Spellcasting, Incantation and Healing.

Ritual Circle

A construction built to harness and channel void energy into lasting magical effects.

Sanctioned event

Sanctioned events are events run using the LT game system and are set in the LT game world. The LT requires minimum standards to be met, but the event organisers are primarily responsible for the event.


A weapon with a clearly defined blade or cutting edge.


An effect generated by the use of magic, also refers to the effects generated by Spell casters.

Staff Member

Staff members are mainly volunteers that spend their time at events, and sometimes their spare time in between events, helping run the LT system. Staff jobs include faction and guild NPCs, full time Referees, Game Control, site setup, maintenance and many others.

Unliving Pattern

The corrupt pattern of a creature native to the Plane of Unlife. Characters may not have an Unliving Pattern without a supporting lammie.

Zero hit creatures

A game mechanics term used to refer to illusionary creatures. Zero Hit Creatures are normally incapable of fully interacting with the world.

Weapon Oil

An alchemical preparation that may be used to enhance a weapon.

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