Safety Calls

Anyone hearing a safety call should stop what they are doing immediately and follow the instructions detailed below unless a Referee, Marshal or on-duty staff member gives other instructions, or until IC actions are restarted using the time-in call below. Safety calls are all OOC. Safety calls may be used by anyone, but players found to be using safety calls for IC reasons, or in unnecessary situations, risk being asked to leave site and being banned from all Lorien Trust events for a period of no less than one year. Safety calls exist for the safety and well being of everyone at the event. Please listen for instructions from Lorien Trust staff members while you are waiting and, if asked to do anything, obey as quickly and safely as possible.
Please do not try to approach an incident after hearing a safety call, unless you are fully aware of the nature of the incident and are certain that you have skills or information that may be needed (for example, fully qualified doctors, nurses or fire-fighters). In which case you should make yourself known to the staff members who are managing the incident.


This call can be used by anyone, when someone suffers a real, OOC, injury of any type. Wave your arms in the air while shouting this, to make yourself obvious but do please check that that it is a real injury and not just someone role-playing an injury before calling Man Down. If you hear this call, stop what you are doing immediately and move clear of the injured person. Do not echo a man down call as this can often lead to confusion as to where the injured person is. The only time you should repeat this call is if you believe other people in the immediate area have not heard the call and are in danger of fighting or moving towards the injured person. Anyone calling Man Down should be able to point out to a Lorien Trust staff member the location of the injured person.


You should use this call if you see a fire that is uncontrolled or dangerous. If you discover a fire, alert everyone nearby (for example in adjacent tents) using this call. Find a Lorien Trust staff member, Referee or Marshal (preferably one who has a radio) as quickly as possible and tell them where you found the fire. Please leave the area as quickly and safely as possible once you have reported the fire.

Safety actions


Anyone who is concerned for their OOC safety or well-being whilst in a combat situation may call “Non-combatant”, raise their hand in the air and move away from the situation. At this point, they are no longer able to take IC actions and should NOT be struck. At this point, the non-combatant will be Unconscious (head reduced to 0 hits). Should someone remove himself or herself from a combat situation in this way then both attacker and target may move to a safe area. Be prepared in this situation to explain your actions to a Referee or Marshal and note that this cannot be used to benefit your character; it is purely there for your personal safety. It should be noted that having your hand in the air and calling non combatant would not guarantee you would not be struck. If you consider yourself a non-combatant, you should avoid being involved in combat situations rather than rely entirely on this safety
action. The Lorien Trust Role-playing System is a contact game and being struck is an inherent part of the game.


In role-play situations where it may be inappropriate to put your hand in the air but you are still concerned for your OOC well-being or feel uncomfortable with a situation, you may request the presence of a Referee or Marshal. As above, this cannot be used to benefit your character; it is for your OOC safety and peace of mind only. In cases where actions may have occurred in the time it takes to find a Referee or Marshal, they will use their best judgement to determine any effects resulting from those actions.

Game Calls

Only identifiable Lorien Trust staff members and on-duty Referees and Marshals may use game calls. Please follow all the actions indicated by these individuals.
These are used mostly for in-game reasons and to control characters and not the players themselves. However, even if you are OOC, you must follow all the actions required unless otherwise directed.


When you hear this call, stop all actions, close your eyes and remain still and silent until time-in is called. Please remain silent during this time, unless otherwise directed by a Referee or Marshal – this way you will hear any further instructions. Ignore any noise you hear, unless advised otherwise by a Referee or Marshal. No IC time passes during a time-freeze, unless directed otherwise.


All IC actions are suspended by this call. Remain where you are. At the end of each day, and at the end of an event, there may be a special Time Out call, during which time is not suspended, but no official IC actions can take place until time-in is called again. You may not move from your location, restore IC damage or take any other IC action. You can sit or talk amongst yourselves, but only on an OOC basis. During the special Time Out at the end of a day, you may move about and talk, but no IC actions can take place. Please be aware that others around you may be trying to sleep at this time.


This call will restart IC actions after a Man Down, Time Freeze or Time Out call. At the start of each day, and at the start of an event, there may be a special time-in call. In battle situations, a Referee or Marshal may use a countdown prior to calling time-in.


Drop to the ground at once and perform no other actions unless a Referee or Marshal states otherwise. Once you have dropped, a Referee or Marshal will explain why you were told to do so.


The Lorien Trust Role-playing System combat rules provide a quick and effective method of resolving live combat with a minimum of interruption to the flow of the game.
The combat system is generally self-policing. This is to say that it is the players themselves who are primarily responsible for taking their hits and for taking reasonable care not to hurt one another. All blows must be pulled to reduce the force of impact. If you are unsure of your combat skills, check with your faction command, the Armourers Guild, Game Control or ask experienced members of your group. There are always people willing to help you learn to fight properly. Additional combat safety guidelines may be imposed at sanctioned events due to site restrictions or other OOC logistical reasons.


Safe blows should not cause pain or bruising to your opponent and stabbing with any weapon, even those described as “thrust safe”, is not allowed. Physical contact of any kind, other than striking with a weapon safe phys rep, is not allowed. This also includes encircling an opponent with your arms to strike their back when standing in front of them. Using shields as a striking weapon, shield barging or body checking is not allowed.
Blows should not be struck faster than the associated damage can be clearly called, and the tip of the weapon must travel at least 30 inches (75cm) or the complete length of the weapon, whichever is greater.
You must complete the vocals for a weapon’s type and effect before striking your next blow or, if you are not required to call damage, you must allow a length of time equivalent to the amount of time it would have taken to call the damage
Any player found by a Referee or Marshal to be acting in a dangerous manner whilst in combat will be warned not to repeat their actions. If they do not heed this advice, they will be withdrawn from combat and their name will be taken. Players who persistently behave dangerously in combat may be asked to leave the event.
In the interests of safety, all players should avoid targeting an opponent’s head, if possible, but if necessary, the head is a viable location. Common sense must also dictate that certain other delicate areas of the male and female anatomy should be avoided.
Extra care should be taken in large combats with blows to the head, especially with polearms or other large weapons, as this can cause concussion, eye damage or other serious injuries.
Combat is about role-playing as much as it is about winning a fight. You can have a great deal more fun with a well role-played combat than with a more mechanical one. If you take a hit, role-play the pain, or stagger back a bit to show that you are taking damage.


Mass combats must be held in an appropriate area that is both large enough and clear enough of obstacles to allow for safe combat. The definition of what is a mass combat and what is a safe area will vary from situation to situation and, if in any doubt, please find a Marshal or Referee before starting combat. Note what may start as a small one-on-one fight may quickly grow as friends of either side, or other interested parties, join in. If you wish to attack a target in an unsafe area, or an area you are fighting in becomes unsafe then you must inform a Referee or Marshal who will move the combat or target into a safe area in an appropriate manner. This may involve calling a time-freeze in the area and moving all combatants.


Areas deemed always unsafe for mass combat are the area of OOC tents in faction camping areas, IC tents, bars, guild tents, trader tents, toilets, showers, traders’ stands, caterers’ areas and the ritual circle. Other areas may also be unsafe depending on circumstance or at the discretion of a Referee or Marshal. You should not move into an area deemed unsafe for mass combat if you are involved in a mass combat, or if you are aware that you are a target of a mass combat, unless you are doing so for OOC safety reasons. Doing so without valid reasons may result in you being placed back in the combat in a tactically disadvantaged position.


Toilets, Game Control, Monster Room, and any area with an OOC notice are Out-of-Character areas. You should not enter OOC areas while involved in IC activity.


No child under the age of Sixteen (16) will be allowed to take part in large-scale skirmishes or mass battles, unless organised by the Lorien Trust kids adventure team. This is for reasons of safety. It is the responsibility of the parent or guardian accompanying the child to the event to ensure that this safety rule is adhered to. The LT endeavours to provide as many children’s activities as possible, please ask at Game Control for further information. A weapon or shield used by a child must be easily wieldable by the child and must be no taller than them.
Any child under the age of ten years old, who is playing a character at an event, does not have sufficient skill with a weapon to be able inflict any damage, and strikes for the No Damage effect. Please be aware that young children do attend the events and will join in fights, or just attack passers by. Feel free to role-play with under-tens if they attack you, but you are not required to take the damage. Please remember that children are more delicate than adults are, and be extra careful with interacting with them if they attack you.

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