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    From this single page, you should be able to manage all of your personal and character details.
    Please use the forms below to instruct a member of the Admin team to make any changes for you.
    The LiveChat box will link you directly to a member of the team who will be able to make the changes for you, they should appear instantly (upon refresh) on your preview. We hope this will be of huge assistance to customers.

    If you need any assistance of any kind there are many ways you can contact the admin team.
    Our preferred and quickest method of communication is by email. please use enquiries@lorientrust.com.
    You can write to us at the office or call us on 01773 294429
    Don’t forget to include your full name and date of birth so we can trace your account with ease.
    Lorien Trust,
    Chesterfield Road,
    DE55 7LN

    New Customers

    This is the new customer form.
    Please complete the form to the Right Hand Side. This will be automatically sent to the admin department who will set your account to deduct the New Customer Discount at the final stage of the checkout process.

    New Customer Form

    New Customer: Character Creation form
    As a new customer, you have 50 OSPs to spend on your first character. These can either be spent immediately or banked, and saved against your account, for use at a later date.

    New Customer Character Creation Form

    Existing Customers

    Existing Customer: Change of details
    If you are an existing customer, please use this form to notify the administration team of any changes to your personal out of character information.

    Existing Customer Change of Details Form

    Existing Customer: Change of Character Details
    This form should not be used to for Occupational Skill Pre-booking. This is included in the order allocation form. All other character ammendments may be sent via this form.

    Existing Customer: NEW Character

    Please use this form to create a new character. With this information, any historic characters will be retired and will no longer be playable.

    This form should not be used to for Occupational Skill Pre-booking. This is included in the order allocation form.

    Existing Customer Change of Character Details Form
    Existing Customer New Character Form


    Child Authorisation Form
    This form is designed for parents and guardians to give the LT the information of the Authorised Supervisor the child will be attending the event with.

    Child Authorisation Form

    Under 10 Discount

    Children under 10 gain free entry to our events. The under 10 ticket has a zero value when added to the shopping basket.

    Once your booking is completed and you have secured your order id, please complete the form below.

    Booking allocation form.
    Please use this form to allocate any additional tickets you have purchased to other customers.
    Please note: Event tickets are non transferable. EG; If you purchase a single all 4 event mutli-deal, this can’t be split or shared between two customers. You may only allocate whole parts of the ticket.

    Booking Allocation Form

    If you require assistance please do not hesitate to contact the office on any of the methods mentioned above.