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Character Skills (CS)

Each character can spend up to 16 points on Character Skills (CS). These broadly determine the type of character you play.

E.G. A healer would choose the Healing CS. A Warrior would choose Armour Use & Body Development CS as one of their main CS skills.

Children under 14 have limited CS to spend. Please see page 47 of the rule book for further information.

Character SkillsYou may only spend 16 CS points

For more information on each of these skills, can be found in the in game section.

To supplement these CS a character can buy Occupational Skills (OS) by spending Occupational Skill Points. (OSPs)

Occupational Skills (OS)

These Occupational Skills allow you to create an extra depth to your character, these reflect your background and knowledge of the game world. For example the OS Revive costs 10 OSPs and allows the healer better healing.

Some Occupation Skills require a prerequisite skill that you must possess in order purchase. For example, the OS Revive, requires the CS of Healing (either 1 or 2) in order to work.

Below is a list of the most popular starting OS.

If you wish to request any other OS - Please use the comments section at the foot of this form.

Occupational Skillsyou may spend up to 50 of your existing OSPs

A member of the Admin team will create your character and inform you once this has been made.

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