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To request any amendments to your character, please complete and submit this form.

This form should not be used to request Occupational Skill Pre-booking or to alert us of any OSP Discrepancies.

This is included in the order allocation form.

NameYOUR full name
Date of BirthDD/MM/YYYY
Player IDLeave blank if unknown

Please only fill in the parts that require amending. If you are amending CS, please include your total new respend.

Please note that your character name is not able to be changed, we are only able to accept additions to existing names. 

You may not change an existing character race. This is chosen at the point of character creation. A new character race should be stated in the Comments section below.

Nameof chraracter
Character skillsYou may only spend 16 CS points. PLEASE INDICATE YOUR ENTIRE 16 PT SPEND.
CommentsFor any other details, including to declare your character as dead or retired, please include a note.
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 With a large quantity of requests being made we are unable to call each customer individually to confirm their changes have been made,

You do not need to wait for our response before continuing to make your booking or update your other information.