Hi Everyone

Following our last post with regards to our August events we are now able to share more details with you about an additional safety measure we are introducing for the Summer Moot, to help reduce a couple of reasons to visit Game Control.
• To see your current Banked Occupations Skill Points (OSPs) Balance
• Read the Rulebook, Rune, Crafting Lists, or open Loresheets).

As part of the continued development of the systems we use in the Lorien Trust, we have developed an Android App: LT Character Helper ( Sorry IPhone Users ) which will allow you to see your character card, your Banked OSPs, and download the 4 documents above, and this app will be available all year round.
To access the App either click on the Link above or  search for LT character Helper on the Google Play store.
If you have previously linked your Player Id to the Booking Website then you can also click on the “Get it on Google” (1) Link on your  My Account page on the Lorien Trust website.  This page also displays a barcode you can scan in the App so you can view your character Card ( if you cannot scan the Barcode(2) you can enter(3) your Character Access Token ( seen as XXXX-XXXX in the example below)

To access your Character click On menu (4)  Select Character Card then either scan in the barcode (5) or type in your Character Access Token (6)

If your character is not linked then you will need to send in a request via the Character not Linked form on the Lorien Trust Website, it will help if you know your player ID.
Note please keep this Token secure and don’t share it if you need it changing for any reason, please request this via email (  enquiries@lorientrust.com   )

I hope you have a great event, feedback on the app will always be appreciated ( both good and bad), as well as ideas ( that don’t disadvantage people who do not have the App) .

(the LT Tech Squirrel)
PS if you’re of a technical mind and maintain a sanctioned Event system please get in contact ( enquiries@lorientrust.com) so we can discuss a Secure Character API that we are developing to make your life easier.